Google Home: Multiple Homes

I’ve searched and been unable to find any topics about this, although I suspect I won’t find out anything new/different…

I embraced Amazon Echo integration when it was first released, but quickly realized the shortcomings in utilizing Alexa across multiple homes on a single Vera account, due to Alexa not distinguishing between devices/scenes in different homes. So, I was using Alexa in one of my homes, and nothing in the other. Then came Google Home/Assistant integration and, knowing that Google Home has the concept of multiple homes built in, I installed Google Minis in my second home, and they work great. However, when I went to replace Echo/Alexa in my primary home with Google Home, I encountered the same problem - even though I setup a separate “home” in Google Home and am able to assign devices/routines to a specific home & room, all of my routines (aka scenes) and devices are shared across both homes anyway, so I’m unable to discretely control devices/scenes in each home, short of creating new device/scene names with the home designation included, which is hardly user-friendly. So…

Besides the obvious, and not desirable, solution of creating separate Vera accounts and separate Google accounts for each home (which would require logging out/in of both the iVera and Google Home apps every time I wanted to control a different home), or renaming all my devices/scenes to include some sort of home designation, has anyone come up with a work-around that would support controlling devices & scenes in two different homes where there may be some duplication of device/scene names? It just baffles me that Google Home has this multiple home support, but doesn’t isolate devices/routines to each home.

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I am facing the same issue. I was curious if you have found a better solution than creating a 2nd vera account.

did you try VOI?

Sorry but what is VOI?

You will need two Google accounts to be able to have two different and separate sets of routines in the Home app.

You can however easily switch between those accounts in the Google Home app.

As for the Vera integration I think you will need two different accounts there also.

Ezlo VOI isn’t going to help in this scenario I don’t think.

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