Google Home integration broken

This may be a duplicate, i apoligize. Google home integration has been broken for me for 12 weeks or so now. I try to link Google Home and Ezlo Smart Home Control, log in, choose my devices, press Finish, then get a says Something went wrong.

I’m one week away from ditching Vera/Ezlo. I’ve been using Vera for 15+ years now? I have multiple controllers. But I NEED Google Home automation to work. This being broken for this long is ridiculous. I’m an electrical engineer, and programmer, maybe I can help? This problem can NOT be that hard to fix.


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I know right its annoying they have been broken for a long time.

Similar issues here

I give up. Just ordered an Aoetec Zwave hub. It appears I have to give up on Ezlo as they can’t fix a broken function (Google Home integration) after 3+ months.

Sorry to hear that. Let me know how you like your new SmartThings hub?

Voice Assistant integration with the older Vera firmware hubs is now working again for Google Home and continued to work for Alexa.

For Ezlo firmware hubs I believe the portal setup web pages are still broken for both.