Garage Door Opener shows light bulb on/off icon instead of garage door icon

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I sent a support ticket to Veramate Support on 9/27 and it’s almost a month later and not a peep from them so I guess I will ask the same question here and see if anyone else knows the answer to my question?

Department: VeraMate Support
Create Date: 2016-09-27 5:56 pm
Name: Jay

Subject: Garage door opener shows as light bulb and on/off
2016-09-27 5:56 pm Jay
Hi. I have a linear garage door opener and on my Vera with ui7 it shows up fine as a garage door with open and close but on the VeraMate app it shows a lightbulb with on and off. Well it does work I would prefer to have it like Vera interface and open/close. Is this possible? If it is I have not figured it out but I did check the frequently asked questions and didn’t see it. Thanks for your help

Just load the icon packs (free) and you will find at least a couple of different garage door icons that change the image to show open and closed.

Thanks. Is this in settings somewhere? I am not seeing it. I can see I can change icons for rooms etc, but not actual devices. Have you done this yourself? Just curious…

Edit, select a button, icons, change icon, and select the download symbol. You will have a choice of about 6 extra icon packs.

I only see that option for the Rooms icons. So I have a room called Garage on the main page and it has an icon. I can change that icon this way but don’t see how I can change the icons for the devices inside that room. When I go inside the garage door room it only allows me to change the background.

If you touch the upper left corner, your icons will vibrate. Select an icon, and then General and Icons tabs at the top is where you begin.

Oh, I see what you mean. I do not go inside the rooms for anything. I create sections and place devices inside those sections. It is those devices you can change the icon.

Ok so I figured out what you mean also now that you mentioned sections. That works to change the icon which is nice as I can make it a garage door icon for opened and close but it still shows ON/OFF instead of OPEN/CLOSE like the Vera App or Vera UI7 on the web. Is there anyway to change ON to OPEN and OFF to CLOSE on the Veramate app do you know?

It may be depend on the plug-in used in Vera. I use Garage Door, which creates the device Garage Door, that has an locked and unlocked state in UI7. It is that device that I control in VeraMate, and VeraMate shows Open and Close options if you turn on Show Device Control.

It does indeed depend on the plugin/device. If VeraMate detects it as a light, it will use ON/OFF. Could you send me the device type and/or the url to the plugin you’re using - and I can check further.

(Device type can be found, in the web ui for example, by selecting the device and going to advanced - here you will see device_type).

I just ran across this post - in veramate, the Linear GD00Z garage door controller shows as a light with the on/off options - not open/close. There is no Plugin necessary as it comes with it’s own state sensor. Per your request, here is how Vera sees the device - urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:BinaryLight:1

Is there anyway to change this in veramate?

The key here is category_num=3, subcategory_num=5

Appreciate the response - Just to clarify, the category is set to 3 and the sub_category is set to 5 when accessing it through the web UI. The icon still shows up in veramate on my iphone as on/off instead of open/closed. Was wondering if there was a way to change that in veramate.

Try deleting the icon and adding it back in. Next option is to edit the icon. You have a bunch of icons to choose from.

The issue is not the icon - in fact, I changed the icon to the garage door and it shows up correctly. The problem I am having is with the verbiage in the controls. When you edit the icon and activate the option to “show device controls” you are prompted with a menu (see attachment) when selecting the device. The menu options are OFF or ON - not OPEN or CLOSE. Hope the screenshot clarifies a little more.


I am using the Garage Door Opener plug-in (MiOS Apps) and the icon I use is a lock with the open/close and set PIN option. Here is a screenshot.

Interesting - so, are you using a dry contact to close / open the garage door with a separate tilt or position sensor and then setting your contact to 3 / 5? I am using the Linear GD00z-4 garage door opener with built in strobe. It has it’s own tilt sensor that is not visible to Vera, only the garage opener module. I think the Garage Door plug-in requires a tilt sensor which I don’t have. Thanks for your explanation.

My relay is the Insteon Garage Door Control Kit — Insteon. The kit came with a door sensor and it has worked with the plug-in for like 4 years.

VeraMate does use the labels used in the configuration for the device in most instances (a couple of exceptions), but if it’s using the generic device of BinaryLight, then VeraMate doesn’t allow you to override that text yet. This is on the development list though, but no immediate plans to implement at this point.

If you can use the garage door opener plugin, that will be the best bet, and/or customize the icon.