Garage Door Opener shows light bulb on/off icon instead of garage door icon

Perhaps changing the category number may help:

The category and sub-category are already set to 3 and 5 respectively. I think the problem lies in the fact that it shows as a Binary Light so that is going to translate to ON/OFF in VerMate

11.7 should have better support for this subcategory - let me know if it doesn’t when it’s out (hopefully within the week).

Thanks for the update - I upgraded my VeraMate to but the garage door (Linear GD00z-4) device still shows ON/OFF. Is there something else that I should do to make this OPEN/CLOSE? Perhaps it is just not going to work with this device - even though the category and sub-category are set to 3 and 5 respectively.


Upgraded to this morning and still see ON/OFF for my GD000z-4 Linear Garage Door Module. Though I didn’t see anything in the release notes addressing this, I was hopeful. Any ETA on when this might be fixed in the app?