First Alert CO/Fire Detector

I was at Lowe’s and noticed in the IRIS section they’re selling a First Alert CO/Fire Detector #505521 that says its IRIS Compatible. It’s model number is ZCOMBO. Does anyone know if this is Z-Wave or maybe would work with the Vera? From what I can tell it’s a battery operated device.

i almost want to buy one and try

A similar discussion on the SmartThings forum:

A user there reports that it is a z-wave product and does pair with the SmartThings hub (which means it will almost certainly work with Vera) but they haven’t fully tested it yet.

I’m going to buy one of these and try it just to see what happens when I try and add it to the Vera.

ok i got it to be seen(still getting Waiting To Wakeup…) and i even changed it to show correctly. Tomorrow when no one is home i will set it off to see if notifications work.

It would be very interesting if we can multi-purpose these to also be zwave audio alert units and/or sirens. I could see having these go ‘full siren’ in case of alarm but also just a quick “chirp” as an alert if a door opens, etc.

… please take a look to see if you can trigger/control the internal siren using the Vera.

well just tested and haven’t received any notifications… Has anyone gotten this to work???

Mine shows up as _AV MISC and is also stuck on “Waiting for wakeup to configure device” for well over 24 hours now. I’ve tried excluding it and re-including it into the Vera with no success. My guess is that the Vera just doesn’t know what to make of it. I’m considering returning it to Lowes.

You may try opening up a ticket with MCV. I purchased items before that they added support for.

good call

This device shows a lot of promise, if we can only get Vera to play along.

My First Alert ZCOMBO Fire/CO Detector shows up as _AV MISC with a “Waiting for wakeup to configure device” notice.

The instructions (attached below) show how to pair the device with Iris (Lowes) and “other z-wave systems.” I have not been able to configure the device to work with my Vera Lite (1.5.622).

i emailed micasaverde and they were no help

Did you actually open a support ticket ?

I raised a support ticket on 9/14/2013 at 5:20pm.

It read, in part, as follows:

"I purchased a First Alert Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm from Lowe’s. It is made for the IRIS system and its model number is ZCOMBO. The User’s Manual for the Alarm states: “The alarm will work with 3rd party, certified Z-wave devices.”

I paired it with my Vera 3 system which is running firmware version 1.5.622. My Vera 3 configured it as follows:

name: _AV_Misc
device_type: urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:avmisc:1
device_file: D_AvMisc1.xml

According to the Info Viewer Plug-in, Z-Wave device information is as follows:

_AV Misc --> zw node: 165
Capabilities: 83,156,0,4,161,0,R,B,RS,|32,112,113:1,114,128,133,134,

Listens : no
Routes : yes
Has a Beam receiver : no
Can transmit a Beam : yes
Routing slave : yes
Security device : no


What else needs to be done so that I can use it as a CO/Smoke Alarm with my Vera 3?"

On 9/18, the MCV Technical Support Team said:

“I’ve made some changes on your unit and now the sensor should be detected as a smoke sensor by Vera. Can you wake it up to configure and see how it works ? Also it would be great if you can exclude and re-include the sensor and test it out, but be sure that ‘Verbose logging’ from SETUP > Logs. This way we would get detailed logs from the unit to analyze. Let me know how it goes.”

On 9/18, I responded:

“My Vera3 now sees it as a Smoke Sensor. I woke it up and Vera configured it. I created a Notification to tell me when the sensor is tripped. I set off the sensor using smoke and did not receive any notification. I enabled verbose logging, then I removed excluded it and re-included it. I recreated a Notification to tell me when the sensor is tripped. I set off the sensor using smoke and did not receive any notification. In the Advanced tab for the Smoke Sensor, there does not appear to be a Device parameter for Tripped. What next”

On 9/20 I added:
"I set off the Smoke Sensor again this morning using smoke, yet again, I did not receive any notification.

The log for that time frame indicated the following for the smoke sensor:

02 09/20/13 10:54:59.610 ctrl_chr[33;1mZWaveNode::HandlePollUpdate_Alarm node 166 device 367 alarm code 1ctrl_chr[0m <0x2bb23680>
02 09/20/13 10:55:23.207 ctrl_chr[33;1mZWaveNode::HandlePollUpdate_Alarm node 166 device 367 alarm code 1ctrl_chr[0m <0x2bb23680>"

On 9/20, MCV replied:

“I discussed with one of my colleagues from the development team and we need to investigate it further.Because this smoke sensor is a newer device it uses custom z-wave command classes and we need to see how we can add support for them. Also as far as I can see from the manual the smoke sensor shouldn’t send a tripped state when it detects smoke, as it should actually send you an alarm instead. The alarm is actually a trigger or notification that smoke was detected on the interface and it can be used to trigger a scene.”

On 9/21 I responded:
“I set up a scene using “Smoke Alarm is activated” as a trigger. Then I tested the Smoke sensor with actual smoke again. The scene did not trigger.”

I have one of these and support has made it so that it is a smoke detector. Can you tell me how you woke it up so it could be configured? Once I’m past that stage, I think I can help do some troubleshooting.


i made mine show up as a smoke detector as seen in earlier post and i was in the same boat as you guys that there were no notifications. i hope this gets fixed this was a great find at lowes and i would love this added feature to my set up

Open battery tray. Hold test button. Insert battery tray while holding test button. Release test button after unit beeps once. Press Configure node now. May need to repeat a few times.

thanks that woke it up

MCV Support also configured mine so that it now properly displays as a _Smoke Sensor.

Unfortunately, the detector does not trigger an alarm (in Vera) or send a notification when exposed to smoke.

welcome to the club :stuck_out_tongue: