website not working at all

Anyone having issues trying to use the free MCV plugin for mobile phones today. I have been trying to reach the website for most of the day without luck (it was working yesterday). I figure someone at MCV will detect this problem but apparently no one has even seen it, so anyone that can provide an update will be greatly appreciated.

This gives me more of a reason to connect to the VERA device directly instead of using the FINDVERA servers as they could go down at any point in time. I agree that the service is free, but for that same reason I will rather use my own provider and connect directly to my VERA device and avoid this sort of complications.

I saw that message (I kind of read the forums before posting). The FINDVERA server ( has been working properly, no issue from what I have seen; the problem is the MOBILE portion of the findvera server (; it does not seem to be redirecting properly, so I wanted to find out if this is something that MCV will be taking down from their servers, or if it is just a technical hiccup that they currently facing.

Same problem for me. The service has been unreachable for the past two days.

Just tried - same problem for me.

just got an email from MCV support in which they mention that the mobile plugin service had not been change or discontinued, but it is being worked on; therefore the outage. According to MCV, it should (keep your fingers crossed) be up and running by tomorrow.