Fibaro radiator thermostat FGT-001

Copy from Fibaro forum

"I too am seeing issues with the heat controller and external sensor not opening the valve when the room is colder than the setpoint and not closing the valve when the room is (much) warmer than the set point.

To make things worse, I am a HomeSeer user and have no way to apply a firmware update when it is released. My distributor (Vesternet) will not offer an upgrade service and will only offer a return and “hopefully you will get the right firmware if you purchase another one”.

Can you (Fibaro) please consider again those of your customers who may have invested lots of money in your modules but use another controller?

I personally can’t see ‘reverse engineering’ being a big risk and even if it were, there are many ways you could put firmware out there without it being accessible to prying eyes. (Encrypted files applied through a small standalone application, for example).

In this day and age releasing products that will inevitably need firmware updates without providing an accessible means of applying those updates is very limiting. Having invested hundred of pounds over the years in HomeSeer software I don’t want to have to spend more money on tools to make the products I have bought in good faith work. I don’t have to buy hardware to apply firmware updates to other things (PC Bios, RFXCom, Aeon Zwave modules, Bluetooth headphones, Amazon kindle, Amazon Echo, Apple iPhone etc. etc. etc.

Hopefully you will find a way to allow all your customers to keep their products up to date. I have my fingers crossed."

Fibaro has found faults.
This is a copy from there forum.
From the administrator

"In this case, once the new firmware will be deployed, you will be able to use standard warranty procedure:

you can return to the place you bought it and they will send it back to us for the update (free) or you can send it directly (one-way shipping cost to Poland)."

I beleave fibaro will make the update in there own system HC2 and HCL

BUT ! VERA please fix the integration

Any news on Vera support for Fibaro radiator thermostat FGT-001 ?

We don’t have any samples yet, from Fibaro, for this device. As soon as we’ll get them, they will be integrated.
Fibaro is one of the manufacturers that constantly supply us with their new devices, for integration purposes.

Thanks Sorin
Good to see this in the forum !


do you have any news about FGT-001 support?

Hi there…
Does anybody have any info about whether the Fibaro Heat Controller (TRV) is working now???
I mean both in general, as I understand a new Firmware was needed to have the TRV behaving correctly, and particularly in Vera?

Will be shopping for some TRVs before winter and the Fibaro Unit is very appealing…

Thank you

There is no news.
Fibaro made a new firmware and it did not work, they are still working on an other.
The fibaro thermostat is only upgradeable in fibaro controllers.
Vera can do the upgrade if they have an agrement with fibaro but acording to Sorin thy have not even recived a thermostat yet.
For now the thermostat cannot be properly integrated in Vera.
When it came it was said "works in all z-wave sysestems but it still does not work in Vera.
BUT it STILL does not work in the fibaro system.
Bare i mind that temperature is not reported back from the thermostat unless you have the little bluetooth device for it.
Fibaro is of that oppinion that users does not need/cannot understand or handle the temperatur messured at the thermostat.
Besides (my personal wiev, I was aware when baying) I would prefer degeres shown in ciffers not coulors, it is difficult to tell grandmother, aunts and guests what coulors to use.

When, some day, it can be integrated in Vera you cannot be sure all features will work.

Hi Svaleb and thanks for the update…

Looks like I won’t be able to get a couple of these devices shortly…

Better look for something else…

Regards, and thanks again

Got this reply from vera support today
“The device that you are asking about was only tested by our development team and the integration is in progress, but I do not have an ETA for this.”

Thank you for the update, Svaleb…
I guess it’s better not to hold my breath about this TRV… Too bad!

It’s the best looking device in the category…

Oh, well…


Fibaro is now working on FW 4.5.
There is no schedule.

Any news from VERA ?

And what about upgrade in VERA ?

Any news ?
From Vera ?
Or others ?

I just bought the Fibaro heat controller and I have the same issue (failed at getting manufacturer).
I hope this will be fixed soon as this thread started 8 months ago already.

I’m getting more and more issues with my fibaro devices in the Vera (all my fibaro switches 2x3 reports cannot detect device, although they work fine).
If this thermostat issue is not fixed soon, I might have to look into other Zwave controllers…

Could we here something from VERA, please ?!
Ther must be some news.

on: July 21, 2018, 06:40:53 am ?
Insert Quote

Got this reply from vera support today
“The device that you are asking about was only tested by our development team and the integration is in progress, but I do not have an ETA for this.”

Sorin !
Let us hear something from you !

svaleb, I’d love to give you something more than you already have.

All devices integration follow the same timeline as the one described by Melih, in the main acquisition topic. We’ve gone through a transition and how I see things, the upcoming firmware updates will contain mainly stabilization and bug fixing followed shortly by new device integrations.

I’ve bumped the integration request for this device.

Thanks for your answer !
Is all I say.

New firmware 4.5 has been released from Fibaro.
We are still waiting for integration in Vera.
?.And how to update.

[quote=“svaleb, post:39, topic:197981”]New firmware 4.5 has been released from Fibaro.
We are still waiting for integration in Vera.
?.And how to update.[/quote]

the updating is easy… you just get a fibaro controller, or a friend with one, and connect the thermostat to that box, do the upgrade, remove it from that box and move it back to your vera network.

doing firmware updates on zwave equipment is something that no controller manufacturer wants hard enough.


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