Fibaro radiator thermostat FGT-001

Have some trouble with this new device !
It seems it is not supported by Vera yet.
I added it as a generic device and it stops configuring at “Failed at; wait! Getting the manufacturer”.
I have put in a ticket and hope others will do the same.
In Vera it seems it has no advantage from other thermostats, in the Fibaro system it has more features.
Vera is not eager to support European devices. I asked them to support the Comet thermostat a couple of years ago but it never happend.
Now the same company has made a new thermostat “Spirit” …let us see.
They will have to do something about the Fibaro…but when ?

Both comet and spirit works with Vera.

Do not know about spirit but I cannot change modes in the comet.

Never the less.
I would like some information on haw others makes this new thermostat work best.
At first how to configure ?
Witch files to use, devicefile ect. (vera made it a HVAC ZONE-THERMOSTAT… as well as the Comet). My Danfoss is something else and works as expected.

Yes, this is probably because if radiator head reports temperature reading to the controller it is by default HVAC device type. Devolo radiator head, which is a Danfoss clone, appears also as HVAC device, just because it has firmware tweak which allows it to report temperature to the controller, which is not possible with original Danfoss.
So Fibaro probably will appear the same as Devolo or Comet.

Anyway, you use Heat mode only in such case (other wouldn’t work with work with a radiator anyway) and it works good. The same for Comet and Devolo, they are working without issues. Or you can change Device_type, Device_file and Device_json for same as you have in Danfoss and it will appear the same way. Not sure if you won’t loose ability to see temperature readings, though.

Does this work for warm tiles floor heat?

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Yes. the first problem is to make it configure !

A problem I’ve had with ALL Fibaro products on Vera is that they’ll only configure within about 2 feet of Vera.

Everything else configures correctly across the network

I thought you get past configuration, as you said “Vera made it HVAC…”
It might be a problem of distance, as @Chrisfraser05 says.
Somewhere on the forum I’ve read advice to leave device straight after pairing for at least couple of minutes (recommended even 15 min) to allow it exchange full information with a controller.

I have Aeon switch which initially was failing the configuration, but switching it ON or OFF after such message appeared allowed it to finish the process somehow. It looked like the connection was broken during the pairing and sending command to the switch made it “visible” for controller again.
It seems that your device also starts configuration process but is not finishing it properly. Maybe forcing Fibaro to wakeup will help?

Thanks !
But it is within 2 feet.
And it works…I am able to change mode (heat and off) and temperature but does not report temperature back.
It stil says failed at manufacturer and it says -3 in configuration under advanced.

Ask Vera support for help.
There is a capability responsible for reporting current temperature, I’ve had a problematic Devolo which started to report temp. after adding it (I compared capabilities list with other unit and found that one is missing on device with problems).
But I don’t know if it will work for Fibaro as well and it definitely won’t clear the error you have.
Maybe support can find some workaround for your issues.

I have mailed support and they said eksclude and include.
But before I could try the controller went down. no service and internet light.
I must try to solve this at first. Will be back.

Vera is back again from its unknown fault,
I have tried to eksclude/include several times as support suggested, no dice.
Support took a look at it again and made id configure from -3 to 0.
It has stopped showing battery charge and still no temperature is reported back.

This is from support

"have done some further research regarding this device and we don?t have an official integration for it.

Also because of this the vera unit is not able to take all the details from it in order to finish the configuration.

In the settings that option I have set it to ?no? in order to get the unit to stop from asking continuosly the device for variables."

As other Fibro devices it seems to take some time.
I hobe they will do it soon, after all a thermostat is for winter use.

Hm,… Getting same problems reported re not completing configuration: I’m getting a persistent error of ?please wait! Getting the manufacturer?. I have gone though three to four cycles of excluding it, an re-including it, waking it up, and leaving it for 18 hours, without making any progress. Emailed the vendor and they suggested contacting Vera tech support.

Found this on Fibaro forum today.

"I had a very bad experience with the heat controller last night.

One of them is placed in a closed desk at 2nd floor. I have not noticed that the battery level was low yesterday (10%). At beginning of the night, the battery was fully discharged.

In this case, the behaviour of the heat controller seems to be : put in fully open position. This is not a good design choice, and this is very dangerous : the radiator will heat without any temperature feedback!!. The temperature has risen all night long … up to 50…60 degrees in the room. Some smoke has been generated when opening the door in the morning. I go rarely in this room… what if this situation was maintained all the day???

On the other side, this open valve mode is probably controlled by a microcontroller. What if any failure mode happen (even with battery fully charged), putting accidentally the valve in this mode??? Additionally in this mode, even with deported sensor, you will probably don’t have any temp feedback…

For me, this open valve mode is a huge human security lack which can result in catastrophic events . Imagine of the valve was installed in the baby room!!!

My project of installing these valves in every room is paused now if no solution is found to avoid that!"

And this from there support.

" Thank you for your patience!

I just wanted to make sure that those information posted by @eureka are accurate:

  • extra sensor reports every 10 minutes to the thermostatic head

  • The Fibaro Heat Controller reports to the HC every 2-3 hours or when the temperature readings differ by 0.5-1 degree from the last report

  • we found some incorrect calculations

I can confirm that we are preparing an update for The Fibaro Heat Controller. However, I cannot specify any dates just yet."

Fibaro had some flirt with Danfoss thermostats in the past, and I suppose the new one is in fact some variation of (modernized?) Danfoss LC-13 head, for which I found similar behaviour as you describe (valve completely open in case of running out of power).

After short marriage with Danfoss and its clones (Popp, Devolo) I prefer Eurotronic products, at least at places where they are not visible at the first look.
They are bulky and ugly compared to Danfoss and especially new Fibaro product, but they are very reliable and, if I remember correctly, in case of power outage the valve just stays in its last position.

Yes, I have Danfoss and eurotronic (comet), but I ekspected more from fibaro.

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