Feature and Bug Tracker is showing good progress

We are now seeing great engagement and status tracking for community requests.
Keep engaging, keep building!

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That’s great,
I find the use of status “Waiting for customer” a bit misleading though.


do tell me more pls…
there could be issues with updating etc…we’d like to identify and fix asap.

Can I use the tracker for Vera firmware requests ?

I asked on the private developers thread for the new Vera firmware, if the Fibaro RGBW V2 module could be looked at again, as there have apparently been reported issues with it, but I never got any response.

I need to buy some more of these modules soon, unless I buy used V1 modules of eBay.

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I am afraid not :frowning: sorry…

OK thanks for the response here.

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I may have interpreted the terms incorrectly but if the requester is the customer, it looks like the team is waiting for input from the requester which is not the case in most tickets.

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that’s when we call @Gabi …he is the one in charge of this platform…lets report all the issues to him so that he can fix it for us.

@Gabi see what @Crille saying about reporting the status? Please get it fixed asap.


I wonder if the Fibaro RGBW V1 and V2 modules are fully supported on Ezlo?

I’ll have to look at their list.

Can maybe pair these newer V2 modules to the Ezlo hub instead and control from the Vera hub via http API requests.

Even the old V1 module wasn’t fully supported by Vera. The Fibaro RGBW modules have some inbuilt LED animations and these could only be exposed and controlled by installing the 3rd party plugin for Vera called RGB Controller.

I wrote about it all at the time on my blog here.

We keep adding new “How To” videos here…

we can add more…

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Funny you should say that I was watching some of your YouTube videos earlier this evening.

Mainly USA devices shown in the videos though.

Yes, for now…we’ll keep building the library…including EU etc…

Tell them to make a video with the Qubino DC Flush Shutter module. :grin:

That pairs but not quite as you’d expect.

Extra ghost devices.


They are supposed to create videos for every device we are compatible with.

How are you guys getting on with your own logic engine?

I’ve not been on the forum for a week, currently dev testing the new Reactor engine for Vera and others…

Hopefully he can support the Ezlo platform also in the future? Your APIs allowing. Would be a big boost for the Ezlo platform.

It’s super easy to use, once you find your feet with it, to create logic and rules with no Lua coding required (well almost).

I dont think I’ll be using the other older 3rd party logic engine PLEG anymore in a couple of weeks.

Also any news on the Ezlo Dashboard app?

We are all waiting to see it…


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Excellent question :slight_smile:

We’ll provide everything our customers need.

Yep…guys coding…

Still looking for my Qwikset 916 to be integrated properly.

So the bug Tracker I see NONE?!!! I have add a couple and received responses- where to I see resolutions to any corrected/fixes?

Hello @Grwebster,
The Kwikset 916 is fully integrated into Ezlo controllers, as you can see here, although it is presenting some minor reported issues, which you can follow here.
Please let us know if you are experiencing any other bug with the device so we can troubleshoot it and report it if necessary.

Hello @fredthetiredman,
Please note the tool “Community Feature and Bug Tracker” asks you to create an account the first time you use it. You can log in to this account and click on the tap “Requests” at the top right corner of the screen to follow all the requests you have created.
Besides that, every time the Technical Support team creates a request for an issue found in the forum, we leave a link to the case so the users can follow it.

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