EzloPlus and AltEventServer

In our installation using the VeraPlus, we are using the AltEventServer to forward notifications to a web server from various sensors using HTTPS. Is there an equivalent on the EzloPlus? I see in documentation for the Ezlo Atom, that it says notifications can be send using email, SMS and push notifications, but I haven’t found any similar documentation for the EzloPlus.

Does anyone know if there is an equivalent to the AltEventServer on the EzloPlus? Can you send the same notifications to an alternate address via HTTPS like the Vera could? Being able to send this info via HTTPS is a deal breaker for us.

Hello @richK

The AltEvenServer that you use with your VeraPlus does not work with any of the Ezlo Controllers.
A new plugin must be developed to achieve this.

Best regards.

Is adding the ability to send notifications via HTTPS something that is on your development map?

Hello @richK,
Ezlo controllers, same as EzloAtom and Vera controllers, can send email and push notifications for different events.
Also, you should be able to configure HTTP requests as actions in the scenes. Please try that and let us know if this is what you’re looking for. See images below for reference:
If you think a new feature is needed to meet this need, feel free to use our Community Feature and Bug Tracker tool so it can be evaluated by our development team. More information can be found here.

Do such request generate automatic retries if the HTTPS request fails (such as because the internet is down)? The VeraPlus would queue up the notifications and keep retrying them until the HTTPS request succeeded. This is important to us because a flaky internet connection wouldn’t result in lost notifications.

Hello @richK,

The feature to generate automatic retries in case the HTTPS request fails is not developed yet. We have the information of the HTTPS request module in our API, please check the following information.

As another of our colleagues mentioned you can create an integration request for this feature on our community forum Community Feature and Bug Tracker so it can be evaluated by our development team. More information can be found here.

We hope this information is useful for you, in case you have more questions feel free to create a support ticket send ing us an email to support@ezlo.com

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