EzloPi - My first "Local" Meshbot rule!

Was trying a dev build of the EzloPi Web Flasher. They now have basic Local Meshbot functionality. Currently it only works with the “Devices” node though, but its a start.

On this EzloPi (ESP32 board) I have a DHT22 Temp / Humidity sensor and a Relay controlling a fan to cool my router.



5V Relay / Fan:


DISCLAIMER - This is just a preview and this feature is still in development.


Glad to see some progress but I am waiting for the ability of an EzloPlus to control and/or read state a device tethered off of an EzloPi (when they exist on the same LAN) and avoid using a cloud meshbot. I have long been on the record of suggesting there needs to be a master-slave relationship between EzloPlus and various EzloPi’s but after a year since my first mention nothing has really changed.

I view EzloPi as a means to create a custom device, when there isn’t a Z-Wave or IP based device to fit your needs. I did my own generic IO module (A DIY General Purpose WiFi (IP) Based IO Module for Ezlo) as EzloPi at the time didn’t offer the hooks I needed.

So glad to hear there is movement. Seems a glacial pace though.

I am of the same opinion but as I know Cloud Meshbots are still the only way to mix and match devices off different controllers into a single rule.