EZLogic dashboard "URL Not found" error after creating test dashboard

I was experimenting with a “Test” dashboard in EZlogic but now I receive a ‘URL / not found’ error when I try to access my dashboards. Coincidence or Causality? I don’t know.

Any ideas? I have tried logging in with a different browser but that didn’t help.

Its down for me as well I just checked. So nothing to do with what you were trying to create.

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Its back up again now

They just updated the platform with new “Dynamic Tiles” capability

This allows you to create a dashboard (that shows ALL your devices) and on the right hand side menu, you can “swap” which tiles you want as default …

its an easy to use Dashboard compared to creating your own from scratch…

Is that available in the public version? If so, how do I navigate to the templates?

yes available to public.

once you create dynamic tile…it will show the options on the right hand side bar.

Click the 3 lines button next to “Dynamic Dashboard” heading then go to the Tiles tab and then Create button and you should see the screen shot above.

Its not working for me on two different PC’s I have high CPU usage in both Chrome and Edge browser.

Wow, I must be in the slow group because I find the dashboard / tile concept and UI completely non-intuitive and confusing. I must be missing some basic concepts because I can’t figure out how to do anything useful at all :confused: Can someone point me to the docs/tutorials?

it certainly is a very (i mean VERY sophisticated platform)…

A “Dashboard” is made up of “Tiles”…
A “Tile” is made up of “Components”…

When creating a tile you can select a Matrix configuration 3x4 or 10x10 etc…We call each one a “Cell”

When creating a Dashboard you can also select this Matrix configuration, but these are called “Tiles” (in Dashboard creation only)…

You can design pretty much any Tile using components (and also have CSS capability for each component…so pretty powerful)…

We want to create an extremely flexible and powerful platform…we did that…
Now the next stage…how to make it easier to use…

for that we created “Dynamic Tiles” capability…

you create a Tile (dynamic)…(select Dynamic)
This then gives a tile that has "ALL’ your devices already included in this Tile…(please bear in mind, this is still a Tile and NOT a dashboard)…

From the right hand menu, you can swap what you want to show in this dynamic tile…Lets say, you designed a new Tile for switches…you can from the right hand side, choose that design to be shown in your dynamic tile…
then save it…Now you created a “Dynamic Tile” that will show up in your Tiles list.

Then you can go to create a “dashboard” and use this tile you just created in that dashboard…
You can for example create a 1x1 matrix for you dashboard called XYZ and use that dynamic tile you created in this dashboard…Save it…

Now you created a new “dynamic dashboard” but with your preference of which designs to use…

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Its not just you, I feel the same way and am very lost with it all currently.

Just added a brand new out of the box Ezlo Plus to a brand new Vera user account with only 13 bridged switch devices and the Ezlo dashboard designer tools are fast and snappy.

On my live-ish original Ezlo Plus controller with all my devices bridged over to it and several real device paired to it everything grinds to a halt for me in the dashboard pages on the Ezlogic cloud.

The devs say they will investigate PC resource issues.

I’m curious, are you planning to transition the new hw/acct config to serving your live-ish config role? If so, it will be interesting to see if things grind to a halt or not… If not, that may point to legacy config migration as a potential root cause.

Thanks… I’ll have to play with it a bit more with these concepts in mind…

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Please can you expand on this further?

My original intention for this new second Ezlo Plus was to add it to my existing Vera user account as a proper secondary Z-Wave controller to my primary live Vera Plus controller. But I’m waiting for Oleg to confirm that is actually working first.

But in the short term, as the Ezlo Dashboard Configurator stuff is fairly unusable with my main Vera user account and the first Ezlo Plus hub, that has many devices on it. I decided to setup the second Ezlo Plus hub with a brand new Vera user account and just bridge over a few devices, using Renes bridge plugin. Just so I can try out and use and play about with the Ezlo Dashboard Configurator.

Here are some screen shots of what I managed to create yesterday on the new Ezlo Plus controller and this new “Dynamic Tlie Designer”. I created four “Rooms” / dashboard pages


I had to create four “Dynamic Tiles” one for each room, and using the filters in the left hand pane of the designer I just select the “Switch” device type category and the desired room, so they are all switches currently.

When using the Dynamic Tile Designer you can just use the in-built Ezlo made tile template designs also. Which means the user doesn’t have to create their own tiles from scratch if they don’t want too.

These are the Dynamic Tiles I created as shown on the Tiles tab


And this is the Dynamic Tile Designer. I have put in two feature requests for it.

  1. To be able to remove particular devices from the filtered results, if you don’t want that particular device / tile to be displayed on your dashboard page.

  2. To be able to order / position the device tiles so you can move the order around that they would appear in, on the dashboard page.

I only currently have “Switch” devices bridged on to this new Ezlo Plus controller, so that’s why you only see “Switch” type in the right hand Configuration pane.

The default Dynamic Dashboard not to be confused with the Dynamic Tile Designer as they are two different things, just displays all devices that are on the controller.

We still need a better Menu / Navigation system for this, to navigate around your dashboard pages. I would also like to see sub dashboard pages like we have in Home Remote.

For example for my Lounge room I have a main menu item for Lounge in the left hand pull out menu and then when I click Lounge I am taken to that room which is further broken down with sub pages / menu items.

I have been using Imperihome for several years now, and I love it.

The unfortunate part, it’s no longer available, I guess the developers could no longer justify its existence, wish someone would bring it back to life.

A couple of example of the dashboard.


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Imperihome parent company in France went into liquidation sometime ago and the project got canned.

Imperihome was great and very easy to use for Vera hubs and some others.

Exactly, and very unfortunate.

Older versions of Imperihome before they introduced the need for account login still work OK today with Vera firmware hubs.

DM me if you want the old Android APK files.

IOS your on your own can’t help with that.

Good morning CW,

In the event that you have not received my previous e-mail.

I would definitely appreciate receiving the Imperihome old version of the Android APK files.

Thank you so much.