Adding devices to dashboaed

How do you add devices to the Mios dashboard?
My door lock is not showing up on the dashboard. It is listed in the devices and it shows up on my phones app dashboard, just not on the Mios dashboard

Hi @serpico1 , the dynamic dashboard is designed to show all devices with default tiles. Currently not all types are supported. We are also working on dynamic tile capability where you will be able to create your own dynamic dashboard. This week we will be coming with a user guide / video showing how to create tiles and dashboards. I will let you know immediately.

So we will be able to use the Ezlo created default device tiles as currently seen on the dynamic dashboard and then create our own pages using those default tiles?

If so that’s good and will be an easier way hopefully for users to create some of their own pages.

Users hopefully could then make a copy of a default device tile and change and edit it to suit their requirements / improve the default tile etc.

That’s what I did with the default out of the box tile templates provided by the Home Remote app developer.

The Dynamic Tile is now live: