EZLO Web UI Beta Release - 30 April 2021

Ezlo WEB UI Beta release notes - 30 April 2021:

  • Added settings for Cameras
  • Added settings for Gateways
  • Updated views for Z-Wave devices settings
  • Updated device info block in the device settings
  • Added calibration settings for ZigBee devices
  • Fixes for views, settings and controls
  • Other minor style improvements on the backups page and device settings pages

What is the purpose of these settings?

Why might you need to change settings relating to the gateway on a per device level?


Will the system for some or ideally all Z-Wave devices, read and display the available parameter settings of the device and their current values?

Or will it be like Vera where for most devices you have to manually enter each parameter setting yourself?

You should ideally be listing them for the user to see, like most other modern Z-Wave controllers do.

Also you seem to have a very important option missing?

“Monitor Only”

How do you read and see what a particular parameter setting value is currently set as?
Especially if the system isn’t listing and displaying the parameters settings for you and you are just presented with what you can see on the screenshot below.

You also did not have “Monitor Only” in the Vera mobile app for Z-Wave settings which is somewhat concerning.

We can add a parameter setting but Monitor Only and view them on Vera UI7.

You need to be able to see what the current values of the parameters settings are? Before you should start just adding new values.

Yes they are probably the default values, but they might not be and without being able to see them in the first instance, your just guessing and it will make troubleshooting difficult.


I’m on my laptop now and looking at a Qubino DC Flush Shutter module I have paired to the Ezlo Plus.

There is a button that says “Load Device Config” does this load in all the devices available parameter settings ?

I pressed the button but nothing seems to have happened.

This is a different Qubino DC Flush Shutter module on my production Vera Plus.

Here you can see all its available Z-Wave parameter settings, I did have to add all of these manually myself however. But you can see some are “Monitor Only” I have not changed those settings from their defaults but I wanted to be able to view them.

I then tried to add a parameter settings to the device on the Ezlo Plus

I clicked the Add button it then changed colour to grey and remained grey. Nothing seemed to happen, I am just left on this screen. I waited for sometime and then refreshed the browser, when back to this same device and it just looks like this and I cannot see parameter 10 listed or set ?

I then tried to add the same parameter again, adjusting my inputs slightly:

Same thing happens, button goes grey and nothing else happens.

I also tried clicking the “Set Device Config” button lower down the page again nothing appears to be happening.


I’ve just unpaired the module from the Ezlo Plus hub and paired it again.

But the web GUI is behaving the same whilst trying to add a parameter setting.

I then used the Vera mobile app instead to try and add a parameter setting and that appears to have worked.

I then refreshed the web GUI in my browser and looked at this device again, but its not displaying the parameter I just set or any others for that matter.


thanks for the details.
We are checking it now.


Can you also please answer my question about how Z-Wave parameter settings are meant to work?

Should the system query each Z-Wave device and then list and show all their available Z-Wave parameters settings for the user to see?

Or does the user have to manually add each parameter setting themselves? That they want to configure or even view to see what their current value is set too.

And what about “Monitor Only” please add that functionality.

Thank you.

I just paired a Fibaro RGBW V1 module to the Ezlo Plus hub successfully.


In the Vera mobile app under the heading “List of Parameters”

There is no list of parameters why not ?

I then looked in the web GUI at this Fibaro RGBW device and no parameter settings are loaded from the device or displayed to the user in here either.

I then tried to set a parameter on the device:

Same things again after you click the “Add” button it changes to colour grey but then nothing happens.

So none of this appears to be working for me. :roll_eyes:

The login problem is not fixed. Any ETA?

we are working on it. The issue is very rarely reproducible.


Thanks for additional information, we identified the root cause.
Fix will be available with next deployment.

In the current version, the user can only set settings but in the next releases, it will be possible to list and show all available Z-Wave parameters settings for devices.

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I think we need a change log to keep track of what’s fixed / changed.

Perfect that’s exactly what I wanted to hear

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Is the web UI down?

Good morning,

I just checked and it is working fine.


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Yes it is up now. It was down for me yesterday.

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Guys, the issue with logging for some accounts was fixed and fix was deployed.

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Thanks you

Login works for me now. What I’ve noticed:

The order in the same devices seems to be sorted differently.

That should look the same with the same devices or should be manually sortable.


The login issue for me is fixed. I do see a wrong time displayed, it looks US EST and not per the timezone set in the Hub configuration. The mobile app shows the time correctly.

The scene controllers show an armed tile. This is not applicable to the device type.

When adding a power plug to the favorites it shows the Amp tile and not the on/off tile. This makes no sense.

Last I wonder why devices that are not in a room, are not referred to as “Unassigned devices”, why not just use “No room” and have some consistency between the different GUIs. It is all one system after all.

Cheers Rene

Cheers Rene

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