Ezlo - Wake On LAN Plugin is on the marketplace!

Hi everyone,

Our new plugin for the Ezlo controllers , Wake On LAN plugin is on the marketplace. You can copy it to your controller and start using it immediately.

After installing on your controller, do not forget to configure it giving the parameters:

After configuration, you should see your devices in the device list and use them in EzLogic, Mobile apps …

Feel free to share you feedback here.

You can also get the full source code of the plugin here:
ezlo_wol.tar.gz (3.5 KB)


Not working for me



When I press the “Run Once” button against the Meshbot rule the PC is not woken up.

I tried ports 7 and 9.

On the old Vera UI7 WOL with Ping plugin you don’t have to specify a port number just the IP and MAC address of the PC.

That does still work it wakes up the PC OK when using the Vera plugin.


I also tried rebooting the Ezlo Plus controller but it still didn’t work.

Seems to be an issue with the Meshbot rules Action, if you use the Online API Tool instead it does work and does wake up the PC OK.

You need to do a hub.items.list command and find the _id number of the “wol_packet_send” item.


Custom command:

    "method": "hub.item.value.set",
    "id": "<request_id>",
    "params": {
        "_id": "6214d7fd123e43124250c336",
        "value": true

Also I’ve been told the port number 7 or 9 is if you are using port forwarding on your router which I am not and will not be doing so.

If you are just using this on your own LAN then it does not matter if port 7 or port 9 are specified in the plugin device settings, both work and it wakes up the PC via that Online API Tool command.

You can also create multiple plugin device instances. Ignore the “Status: On” that is none sense and is not showing you the current up or down state of the PC.

Also no way currently in the web GUI to assign these plugin devices into a particular Room. They are going to add that they say.


And no device switch tile ON / OFF is created in the Ezlo dashboard for these WOL plugin devices. Not sure if they will be adding that?

And I am not sure if we can use these types of plugins with the Ezlo HTTP Server API? For example to send in a HTTP request to the Ezlo hub to wake up a particular PC etc.


You can use a regular HTTP API command like this, to set the item value to true and wake up the PC

Any news about the Meshbot rule Action not working? Just tried it again but its still not working.