Ezlo Secure integration of GE/Jasco (Heater) Switch ZW4007

I have been told by Ezlo Bug Tech that there is no problem with the GE/Jasco ZW4007 appliance/water heater switch integrating with the Ezlo Secure. I’ve had this switch running on a Vera3 for many years without ever a single error. I have been trying to move this ZW4007 over to my new Ezlo Secure now for a week. The switch has a QR code which the Ezlo sees when scanned, but after a few minutes, the switch disappears from the app. When I try to re-include the switch the app reports that it is already included BUT I can not see it to remove it or use it! Multiple re-inclusions does not help. Rebooting the Ezlo does not help. Uninstalling the app does not help. Installing the latest app version does not help. Ezlo tech does not help. In desperation, I tried installing any GE/Jasco switch. Guess what? The GE/Jasco switch ZW4008 works!!! Got that Mr. Ezlo Technician? The GE/Jasco ZW4008 switch does NOT disappear AND works to execute my On/Off scenes. Selah.

Hello @FxEpic,
I’m really sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing. Please see some recommendations and comments below:

  1. If you have any issue while paring a device and it doesn’t show up on the VeraMobile app, trying to pair the device will probably not resolve the issue since the device won’t go into inclusion mode if already paired and the controller will not pair it again either, as you could experience. Instead, we recommend you unpair the device first. You will find a trash can icon on the “Devices” tab that will set the controller into exclusion mode, then you only need to set the device into exclusion mode too. Very similar to the pairing process. You can find the instructions to set the GE/Jasco ZW4007 Smart Switch into exclusion mode on the manual here or by asking the manufacturer. Once the device is excluded, bring the controller as close as possible to it and try the pairing process one more time.

  2. If the Smart Start option (pairing with QR code) doesn’t give you a successful result, you can also try to pair the device as a “Generic Z-Wave device”. You will find this option under “Devices” → “Add device”.

  3. Keep in mind that the Ge/Jasco ZW4007 Smart Switch is not integrated with Ezlo controllers so we can’t guarantee the device will work 100% as expected. We truly apologize if a Technical Support Agent provided the wrong information about it. I could not find a ticket where the compatibility of this device was discussed but feel free to inform us further about the issue at support@ezlo.com. We are constantly trying to improve our service and your feedback is very much appreciated.

  4. Please know that some deprecated devices are difficult to integrate, among other things, because they are no longer available in the market and we can’t acquire them for testing. For the rest of the devices, you can use our Community Feature and Bug Tracker tool to send an integration request. More information on this tool here. I saw you sent an integration request for the GE/Jasco ZW4007 Smart Switch, so I will leave the link to it here in case any other user is interested in watching the progress too: https://jira.mios.com/browse/ECS-758.Thank you for that.

  5. I’m glad it went better with the GE/Jasco ZW4008 Switch (which is indeed currently integrated.) If you have any issues with this device, don’t hesitate to let us know at support@ezlo.com.


@FxEpic, I have had experienced a similar issue before. I just hard reset my ezlo and it fixed. But if you have a lot of devices and you don’t want to set up them all, we can remotely connect to your hub and fix it. In this case, you need to direct message me your hub serial number. Please, understand this is a very rare case and very difficult to understand what is the root-caused problem.

If you’d like to see our test at the office, here’s the first video when we’ve added the device at 3:25 pm on 8/17/2021

And the second one at 4:09 pm on 8/17/2021

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@FxEpic Hey again, could you let me know what mobile platform are you using? Android / IOS ?

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