Ezlo Secure for remote Cottages 4 questions that already has a Security system

Below are 4 questions from a newbie about to purchase.

Hello All,
What a great community! I’ve been reading and researching for that past year. Waiting for new releases. I’m a week or so away from ordering Ezlo Secure for two sites- I’m pretty much sold on this so not looking at competition.

I live in Canada and both Currently have Vivint systems that are expiring their termed contracts. Very similar with sensors door/ window/ smoke/ water/ thermostat, deadbolt door locks and 4 video cameras (1 doorbell and 3 outdoor cameras) with a local hard drive storage unit. Essentially for those who don’t know Vivint- it’s their version of a fully automated home setup with a monitored home security system.

I’ve decided that I don’t need monitoring, just that I can get notified of security issues, view live video, access to recited video and a general status check.

The difference really is the connectivity- house A has a 300mb/s coax internet and good Cell reception

House B has okay cell reception but no internet.

Both houses are hundreds of miles away from each other so I can’t extend house internet.

Both houses through Vivint allow me to access full control and video (live and playback). House B just is laggy on the video playback as it all goes through cell.

Here are my 4 questions and I thank you in advance if you can add knowledge on any of them:

  1. Ezlo Secure- does the Sim Card need a phone number with texting service? Does it also need a sim data plan? I’m wondering if it compares to Vivint in service where it uses cell data to transmit. If it does … does anyone have any MB usage info so I can adjust the cell plan accordingly? I’ve read some Vera Secure posts what identified major bills from older posts. OR, do I really need to get a home internet system like star link for house B

  2. I can’t find what is accessible on the new Ezlo secure if you have a SIM card, or if you also have internet service. I assume that both sim cell and internet lan will give you a ‘no holds barred ‘ system. I’ve downloaded the app but I need a hardware to setup. Just looking for functionality insight here.

  3. from the current setups I have what if any are able to be reused into the Ezlo secure module? Will I require to pay the Ezlo setup assistance fee to walk me through this? I know the various systems that Ezlo supports… is there a specific cheat sheet for porting a Vivint system? Maybe a secret list someone might have? I see Vera secure setups that ‘took over’ most Vivint devices… fair to assume that Ezlo secure will be capable of accepting those similar devices?

4). Has anyone written a how to guide ( I can’t find one on this site) to setup this kind of remote property setup guide and basic kit of parts? Please point in the right direction if you have. I will be making a how to guide to open share here on my process in ordering, setup and usage for a newbie like me when I’m done. I know loads of people have posted they used Vera secure for these types of properties, I looking for more recent info on the Ezlo as I am planning for what I will be purchasing. It would be great to have a section for those of us who are / will be utilizing Ezlo Secure for this specific need.

I’m paying $120 a month CND for each site and just want to get rid of the monthlies. And yes I know I was stupid for entering a three year contract on both sites- no need to be mean to this newbie. Help me learn the way of Ezlo.

Thank you very much and I can’t wait to get this all going!


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Hello @Retlaw,
Thank you for your interest in our Ezlo controllers. Please find the answer to your questions below:

  1. The SimCard slot is meant to work as a backup in case of internet failure. This SimCard would be provided by us as part of a paid program. The program is not ready to be released yet so many details are still pending to be confirmed. We kindly invite you to be aware of any updates here, on the community forum, or on our website ezlo.com.
    Please note you can also access and manage your unit through a local connection even if there is no internet connection when you are on site.

  2. With a LAN connection, you can access and manage the controller without limits. Again, the details for the connection through the SimCard are still pending being released.

  3. So far, technical support is free and unlimited. You can contact the tech support team in case you have any questions or issues related to your Ezlo controller. You can’t transfer the configuration from a different system to your Ezlo unit, but you should be able to reuse most of the Z–Wave or ZigBee device you have.
    You can find the list of fully integrated devices here for Z-Wave, and here for ZigBee. The devices listed there have been tested and proven to work without issues with the controller. In case you have a device that is not fully integrated, you can use our Community Feature and Bug Tracker tool to send an integration request or use the “Generic device” option. More information can be found here.
    As for the cameras, we have the VistaCam 702, VistaCam 1102, and VistaCam 703 (coming soon) as fully integrated with the controller. More of the new VistaCam models will be integrated in the future. Other models are being evaluated for integration.

  4. I highly recommend you visiting our FAQ page for Ezlo controllers where you can find more information and tutorials. You can also check our Youtube channel.

I know going into a new system may be a whole new world, especially inHome Automation so if you have any other questions, please feel free to create a post on the community forum or ask us, the technical support team, at support@ezlo.com.


Hello @Retlaw,

This is Levent, I am the video engineer working for Ezlo.

For your cameras:
I would like to mention that we are working on a very cool cctv project called Vidoo.
with Vidoo you can stream, record, get intelligent notifications for any stock camera and soon will have human detection, face recognition like AI features.

Vidoo works on any new(old) computer like a windows application or on any DIY boards like raspbery pi.

Its fully integrated and interoperable with existing Ezlo hubs and mobile apps so everything in one place and lets you trigger events/scenes from video source to connected devices.

If you wanna try i would be glad to register you for a beta testing program :slight_smile:
We target to make it beta ready end of june, early july.

Just let me know if you are interested in.
Kind Regards


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