EZLO Plus - WIFI does not recommect

When I lose my Internet, for some reason my EZLO plus will not reconnect after things go back to normal. I have to unplug for a few seconds to get it connected again.

There was a similar thread about the Atom not reconnecting to Wifi.

Could be related to Wifi Channel numbers changing ?

I’m not sure if this was ever resolved properly?

My Ezlo Plus is hard wired on Ethernet cable, so never used it on Wifi. My Atom is Wifi and that does reconnect itself OK.

Thanks. I did have trouble initially getting it to connect properly. The interesting thing is that everything else seems to manage it ok. Maybe they should program and autoreset if it doesn’t connect to wifi in a specified period of time,

It needs some improvement by the sounds of things. I always use an ethernet cable if I can, but your not the first to mention these WiFi connection issues.

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