Atom will not reconnect?

I bought this because I only have 1 z wave device and did not want to spend alot to use just I item. It was fairly difficult to connect to my network but, by luck i think, I did finally get it to connect and I set up my lock in the app, no trouble. I just had to unplug it and move it to another power outlet and although the light is a solid blue, my app says it is offline?

Under normal operation when the Atom is connected OK the light should not be lit up at all.

If the light is On solid and not blinking the article states that the Atom is in inclusion or exclusion mode.

Have you tried unplugging it again and back in again?

Hi @Jeff_Zackodnik.
What is the serial number of your Atom and what is the LED behavior ?
Check your pm please.

I tried unplugging it, tried 3 times. Ended up having to remove the atom from the app, reset the atom back to factory, re added my lock and now it works again. I had not wanted to do that because it took me quite awhile to get it to work the first time around and didn’t want to go through that again but, it went pretty quickly this time.
I read on the forum that some other vera hubs would not reconnect to wifi if the channel changes, i wonder if the atom is the same?

Are you using Auto channels then on your router ?

I always set my WIFI channel to a static channel that I have selected. My Atom has never really dropped off the network or gone offline.

However you’d expect it to also work with routers that do auto change channels.

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