Ezlo Plus - Rapid flashing orange LED

My Ezlo Plus has a rapid flashing orange LED. Looking online it says “The controller has connection to the Internet but it cannot establish connection with Cloud”.

I’ve tried unplugging it for a few minutes but get the same issue.

Any suggestions?

Hello @wmshad ,

The blinking orange behavior is an indication of the controller not being able to connect to the servers, most of the times related to the internet connection.

Have you made any changes to your network recently?
Do you have connectivity issues with any other device?
Was the controller hardwired or connected through wifi?
If it was on WiFi, can try to hardwire your controller directly to your router?

You can always reach out to support at support@ezlo.com. I’ll send you an email for further assistance.

Ezlo plus - Reset button & LED behavior.pdf (710.5 KB)

Also try restarting the router. I’ve had cases where it actually helped.

No other device issues. The Ezlo Plus is hardware into the router. I’ve tried restarting the router with the Ezlo unplugged, then after the router came back online, plugged the Ezlo back in. Still having the issue.

Yes, tried that.

If you are using a network cable make sure its pushed into the back of the Ezlo Plus properly.

Hello @wmshad

We are glad to know that everything is working fine again. We will close this topic now but if you have any other questions or requirements just let us know and we will help you as soon as possible. Take care.


Jonathan Botero.
Customer Care Tier 1 Support.