EZLO Plus firmware update

On My Vera i was able to check for latest firmware and updates, I don’t see a place in my EZLO Plus controller to do that. Am i missing something? Also with new “Device Integration” is it automatic or does firmware need to be updated which brings me back to my first point.

Hello @peterg88,
You can see the firmware version your controller is running on the VeraMobile under “Menu” → “Settings” → “Tech Support” or “Customer Care” → “Firmware version”. Every time a new firmware is released, the controllers update automatically a few days after. If you think your controller is not running the latest version, make sure to reboot it (the upgrade will start after the reboot) or let us know at support@ezlo.com.
Kind regards!

Yes I’m familiar with that, however, my past experience tells me things don’t always work the way intended and it would be nice to be able to roll back firmware to a previous “working” version without having to reach out to tech support every time. Also, there is no date associated with firmware to know when it was installed .

Regarding firmware updates we have been told the Ezlo hubs will be made the same as how the Vera hubs currently work regarding firmware updates. Feature parity.

Like being able to turn off automatic updates, that option is available today on Ezlo hubs via the Web GUI.

But we also need other things as we have with the Vera hubs. Like Being offered a firmware update, being able to see what version you would be upgrading to. Being shown if you are already using the latest published firmware version etc etc.

However these things have not yet been implemented in the Ezlo hubs.

See my initial comments on this thread

This (and many others) are the reasons for the post Is Ezlo Plus Ready for Prime Time? I say it may be ready in about 6-9 months at this rate (IMO)

I’m am still using my Vera Plus with Multi System Reactor.

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