Ezlo plus cycling color lights

My controller started cycling the light colors on the front after I restarted it. I power cycled it a few times but it is still doing this. I’m unable to access the controller on the app. I tried plugging it back into Ethernet, but same problem of cycling the light colors, over and over. Any ideas?

Hello @Benvolio36,
Can you add more details please which colours and how fast?
For example several times per second or one time per several seconds.

We’ll i pressed the restart button (small one on the back) with a paper clip. And now it’s blinking blue and then green. about green 1 per second


It seems that the controller is stuck trying to boot up. You mentioned that you presed the restart button, were you trying to do a factory reset? If yes, please power cycle the controller again and press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds. As soon as you release it, the LED will be blinking white.

Take in mind that you check our LED behaviour post by clicking here.

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