Ezlo Plus at CES2020

I know this was asked before but will it have a Series 700 Z-wave chip?


Insight on the 700 chip… I have one. It’s not ready for prime time. Firmware developments are still going on, so I would not want it on the new product yet.

Given these unprecedented times we are all living in right now, do you have a new timeline for the new Ezlo Plus that was scheduled for Q1?

Thank You
Stay healthy and keep safe.

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The beta registration is open…
for last 2 weeks we have been waiting for a plane to deliver the first 200 units from China :frowning:
As soon as it arrives we will be providing it to our beta users.

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Can I just jump in here and ask:

Is the company name eZLO, ezlo, EZLO, EZ-lo, Ezlo, ezlo innovation, Ezlo Innovation, or Vera Control, LTD??

I see it written various ways even on the ezlo.com website and YouTube channel… even on this Forum! Been wondering.

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for now :slight_smile:

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I completely agree that these features would be so helpful.
Especially the POE, Wall/Ceiling mount, rack mount kit, and the external antenna.
YES! please pass along to the development team.


Agree. I have my VeraSecure effectively wall/ceiling mounted today. I would definitely use PoE and an external antenna if available…


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