Ezlo Plus at CES2020

Is this the same ezlo plus presented in ces? Coz it looks bigger.

No, this is a version with 4G (cell phone integration), plus back up Battery, for the very high end market and security market.
We have a huge Hub/Controller portfolio that will be coming into market in 2020.

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In market in EU also then?

Most definitely! We are only just starting.


That’s me. Well, it will be if the 4G integration is more usable than on the VeraSecure. I would sure like to see 2Gig/315 Mhz supported.

But none of the existing Vera controllers at display? :thinking:

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Hi @wilme2, I see you mentioned that you would like to see 2Gig/315 Mhz devices to be supported with our new hub. Can you please explain more why and how you might need it? It would be even much better if you have a particular example of a usecase or any specific products in mind that you can share right away.

Replying to your PM so we don’t get this post off-topic.

Other features you can add to the device to make the hub even better now or in the future are:

1.POE connection.( for pro installs this will be great)
2.A way to install a higher range zwave anntena
( this was achievable with the vera lite and edge)
3. Some Dry contacts included on the hub.( with this the hub will not just be part of the furniture)
4. A siren like you did with the vera secure
5. A way to copy 433mhz freq. Like other devices on the market
6.IFTTT support
7. Celling or wall mounting option

Hi @Alexander_Paredes!
Thank you for your comment.

As I can see you gave us a lot of new features which you would like to have.
Could you tell us a bit more details for items 2,3,4,5,7, maybe even by giving some use cases why and how you would use those?

Don’t hesitate to text me DM or in this thread.

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Adding my $0.02

  1. Put the highest gain antenna that makes sense on this thing. Metal wall boxes eat signals from light switches, chimneys are big signal barriers, and no channel is completely silent in a subdivision or apartment.

  2. Siren good, I would go farther and add a general speaker. Pre recorded chimes and buzzes would be ok as it could then be a doorbell or announcer, but being able to play mp3s like the aeotec gen5 doorbell would allow a lot more options for “the washer is done” or “water detected in basement”. A TTS service would be divine but that seems unlikely.

  3. Wall mount is handy to put in a closet or hallway (doorbell!), ceiling is good for multi-story dwellings.

Thanks for your interest i really Appreciate it!

i will give you more details with use cases

About item 2: a way to change an antenna to increase the zwave range Antenna could be great for Big Homes, it will increase the 1st Hop length, so devices on the first hop range respond faster… it will be really great to have more devices on the first hop range. Also since the first hop is longer, this will dramatically increase the whole network range. i remember using a longer antenna to increase the range of a Vera edge on a 3 story home full of zwave Gen3 switches, and for the record it worked as a charm.

About Item 3, Dry contact on the Hub Will be great to provide more tools for the integrator to achieve some really cool Automations and integrations, for example you can connect a Gate opener or siren, you can also do some integration with any access control systems or any alarm Panel, thanks to a dry contact.

You can also add to the Hub Input contacts, so you can use any sensor in the market that is still not developed under any home automation protocol. like Photo beams sensors, water level sensors ETC…

About item 4: A siren on the hub will make the hub more attractive, because this way the HUB it will work for something else than just be the controller of the home automation system.

About item 5: a way to copy 433MHZ universal devices will be great, this will allow easy integrations with gate openers, curtains, Shutters, access control systems as i said this is something other companies provide on their hubs already, Like Broadlink for example

Controlling 433MHZ device has become the main attraction on this controller. just to let you know i need to install a broadlink every time i install a new vera system ( I have plugin for integration), because the customer already have 433MHZ device in their home and would like to have this type of device integrated with it alexa.

About item 7, the best way to make a good zwave or zigbee installation is placing the hub in the center of the home, but sometimes you dont have a table or furniture to place the hub in that place.

This is the reason why we are forced to install the hub on the wall or on the celling (it is something we have done a plenty of time).

In a nutshell, at this moment there is a lot of company offering home automation solutions without a Hub, (tuya, Sonoff, Etc) so making the HUB more attractive it will be the KEY of your Success. So this is something that EZLO need to consider

This is something you already achieved with the Ezlo Plug, when you buy an ezlo Plug, you do not just buy that “thing needed to control the other things in your home” you buy a useful device that can provide home automation at the very moment you buy it…

Adding features is great. For my use case, 3 and 4 are pointless. It lives, with all my other kit, in a server cupboard on the third floor.

2 is good, though!


Thank you @Alexander_Paredes, @kigmatzomat for all ideas and use cases you shared with us!
It’s really helpful for us to get these kinds of feedback from our users.

About items that you @Alexander_Paredes mentioned above:
For some of them, we already have been working on, like 433mhz and so on.
Also, you mentioned the hub which you wanna put on the wall, we already have it:

  • Ezlo Atom - the small hub which you can put wherever you want in your house

  • PlugHub - the hub + plug which means you can use it anywhere as well.

PoE connection, Dry contact, Antenna, and other features will be discussed with the engineering team to find the best solution.

If you have other ideas you always can share with us.

Best regards,

Just keep in mind, ,most wall power outlets are low to the ground. Having a flush mount that can be mounted higher allows you to put it above furniture or just close to an upper floor.

ideas are coming together and that’s great, but what about the tools made available to the user?
You still do not offer the possibility to the user to have several controllers on the same zwave network (two or three brains), no tools to manually reconfigure a route, no mapping system, diagnostics, care integrated in the box interface. For new users or those who are not computer scientists or other it is not easy to use.
I know the hardest part is to keep it simple, but that is what we are looking for in a system that is supposed to help us.
When are you going to integrate a system allowing to make conditions (AND OR IF THEN ELSE) in the scene interface?
Will future controllers have robust firmware?
Do you carry out real-scale tests with all the manufacturers’ devices in order to validate this robustness? We see things at CES but for the moment nothing comes out and on the European side we are forgotten…

I too would very much appreciate a wall mounting option.

In addition it would be nice if logging data like power consumption, temperature, and so on will be done by the controller with built in graph. With the current controllers it’s complicated to log/see this data. An extra app is needed to grab the data and then write it to an external usb device or NAS or web-service because the controller has almost no memory for that.

Other feature you can also add to the new controller could be. A security page before accessing to the unit. Some one can really easy access locally to the vera. Since it does not ask for a user or password.

Users & Account Info, then Security. Check “Secure Vera” Enabling ‘Secure my Vera’ will disable local access to your Vera, which will be accessible only through heavily secured remote access."

Yes, i know this option exist. But what about if i do not want to access remotly? just access trought IP
Just making this feature can really add more security to the unit