Ezlo Plus at CES2020

Saw this on a Ezlo feed from CES 2020… Ezlo Plus .
Wonder what the specs are… anybody from Ezlo who can tell something about it?


All I could find online about Ezlo at CES 2020. Looks like we’ll be getting new hubs.

Ofcourse @Matteburk. You can see all the specs in this leaflet for CES.
(so one more addition to this is that ble functionality will be turned on later)

While it is still in the design phase, can you add a wall mounting bracket or screw slots to the bottom?

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Thank you for your feedback @RogerO. I have it noted and I’ll share it with design team for sure.


Hello! Thanx for the info but it does not say if its a worldwide product or just a US . Is it EU also?
/ Mattias

When the VeraSecure added 2Gig, I thought it unnecessary with both Z-Wave and Zigbee on board. But now I would hate to go to a controller without 2Gig compatibility.

The brochure show support for only 100 devices. I have many more devices than that number.

I suspect it means 100 types of device?


Not to be negative but im yet to see One moderator mention anything about Zigbee or bluetooth on this forum, this is great but ive become insensitive to a lot of this stuff, but it looks pretty nice

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DIN Rail Mounting would also be helpful.

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Hello @Matteburk Yes we will have both US and EU versions of ezlo plus

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Hello @wezley69 Thank you for pinging us on this typo. Ezlo plus can handle the max number of devices on zwave protocol which is 232 devices.


@MCakan, I know you guys are a new team so this may not be a problem but… just in case. Please pay special attention and testing on very large networks as it relates to secure class devices, wireless device management and command queuing for zwave. This has been the Achilles hill of the vera firmware.


Don’t advertise a feature that isn’t on when shipped. We have been down that road with Micasa Verde, don’t do it as EzLo.

If BLE doesnt work with devices that are actually on the market, its not a feature.

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Most important for me.
Does it use the 700 Series Chip?


I think we will hear more about it as it is scheduled to be out Q1.

Based on how Vera Controls traditionally kept to announced product roll-out dates, that Q1 would be in 2022.

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LOL, I hear you. I just wanted to make sure I had it on here that according to their video blog they did say by the end of Q1, and the video was shot during CES 2020.