Ezlo - myQ plugin is on the marketplace!

Hi everyone,

Our new plugin for Ezlo controllers, the myQ plugin is now available on the marketplace. You can copy it to your controller and start using it immediately.

The myQ plugin enables you to integrate your myQ compatible garage door openers, locks, and lights into the Ezlo ecosystem so that you can control your myQ compatible devices via our web and mobile applications, as well as include them in your MeshBot automations.

Prior to installing and configuring the plugin, first make sure that you have a myQ account, and your devices have been onboarded to your myQ account. We will use this account information to add your myQ devices to your Ezlo.

In order to configure the myQ plugin, start by copying the plugin from the marketplace to your account as usual. Head over to Plugins → Edge Plugins, and navigate to the Marketplace tab. Find the myQ plugin in the list and click the Copy to my Ezlo button, and confirm.

Once that’s done and you’re taken to the My Private Plugins tab accompanied by a success message, click the Manage Installations button for the myQ plugin. In the popup window, click Install for the controller you’d like your myQ devices to be generated in. Once installation is complete and you see the Configure button, click it, and enter your myQ username and password. Once you click Save New Configuration, the myQ plugin will take a few minutes to retrieve your devices added to your myQ account, and generate them in Ezlo.

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to view your myQ devices in the devices list, control them via the dashboard and our mobile apps, as well as use them as actions and triggers in your MeshBots.


We look forward to hearing your feedback!


I’m super thrilled about this…

except… I have Vera Plus and the plugin does not seem to be available at all…

the plugin is written in the new lua infrastrtucture @mrphys . so it won’t work on Vera controllers unfortunately. Would you be willing to try it on an Ezlo controller ?

super fast response: +1

Needing to buy my 3rd controller to control all the exact same devices because Mios/Vera/Ezlo keeps changing the game: -1000

Sounds like what I’ll have to do if I want it to work.

Sheesh, and from the reviews, I might just try something else altogether… ffs It seems like when ezlo bought vera they immediately abandoned the idea of existing hub support.

Did you even bother searching the forum? Sheesh.

There is also the original 3rd party myQ plugin in the Vera UI7 app marketplace. But I assume that one is now broken and why it was forked and fixed and modified.

I have not found the plugin to work. At MyQ they state the system can only be accessed via their app. I tried putting in my login credentials as described in the instructions, by my garage door open does not show up in the devices list after going through all the steps. Anyone else having challenges?

Well, it appeared to go as described right up to where it should appear on the device screen, but it did not. It’s been probably 20 minutes, now.

I have two MyQ passwords. They are:


I used the latter. Should I delete the plugin, somehow, and try the first one?

The MyQ plugin is not showing up on the Marketplace. Is there another place to get it?

A dev just stated the following:

“MyQ disabled API that we used in the plugin. we need to implement it from scratch and apply some restrictions we got from MyQ. this task in the product backlog atm.”

Awesome, thanks. Should I monitor this thread for updates?

Sure if I hear any updates Ill let you know.