Ezlo HUBs backups API

Here is the API description for the HUB backups.
Using these API requests it is possible to create/restore a backup and receive the list of stored backups for the hub.


backups_API.pdf (75.6 KB)

Hi @edward,

Will there be an option to download a back up file and restore from a local file?

Also the hub.backup.list command description states it lists the backups for (a) controller. So is a backup list & restore limited to one controller, or can you restore a backup to a different controller like with Vera? If the latter, is there a model to model limitation?

Last, I understand this is for the Linux based hubs only. Not the Atom. Correct?

Cheers Rene


Is it possible to add these three functions on the application?
Best regards

Hi @reneboer,

For now its working with cloud only.

Yes, its showing backups for one controller.

In current release backups working with the same model of hubs.
For example between E450s, or between E550s.
But you cannot create backup on e450 and restore on E550.
Backups between different models in our roadmap and we are working on it.

Yes, current release for Linux hubs only but in the next releases it will be available for Atom as well.

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I tried creating a backup via this API and got the following error:

msg_id: "609c0ebd071d3a667196cf40"

msg_subclass: "hub.backup.create.progress"


completed: 100


code: -32500

data: "hub.backup.create.failed"

message: "Failed to create backup"

reason: "Service extensions_manager failed to create backup: Failed to create backup: Can not create directory db for backup"

serial: "xxxxxxxx"

status: "aborted"

Hi @dougsbarbour,
thanks for the part of the logs.
what is the serial number of your hub?
Check please your pm.

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