Ezlo - Google Nest plugin is on the marketplace!

Hi everyone,

Our new plugin for Ezlo controllers, the Google Nest plugin is now available on the marketplace. You can copy it to your controller and start using it immediately.

The Nest plugin enables you to integrate your Google Nest thermostats into the Ezlo ecosystem and create automations that include your Nest thermostats via MeshBot automations, as well as visualize its state and control it with the dashboard.

In order to start, you first need to go through this manual found in the Google documentation and acquire four credentials: Device Access Project ID, Client ID, Authorization Code, and Client Secret.

Once you follow the steps in the linked guide and create your project, go into the details of the project and note down the Project ID.

Then go to https://console.cloud.google.com, and from the left hand side navigation menu, go to APIs & Services → Credentials. Click on the name of your OAuth2 client.

In the screen that opens up, note down the Client ID and Client Secret.

Once you do that and note these down, the next step is to follow the “Link your account” section from the Google documentation and acquire the authorization code.

Once you do that, the URL of the webpage that opens up contains your authorization code. As marked on the screenshot, that’s the part between code= and &scope. Please also note down the authorization code in a safe place.

You now have all the credentials you need to integrate your Google Nest thermostat into your Ezlo controller.

What follows is copying the plugin to your Ezlo account from the plugin marketplace and installing it on your controller. To do that, navigate to the Edge Plugins menu on EZlogic, then to the Marketplace. Click the “Copy to my Ezlo” button for the Nest plugin. Once you’re taken back to the “My Private Plugins” tab which now includes the Nest plugin, click the Manage Installations button and click the Install button next to your controller.

Once you do that and you see the success message, click the Configure button.

Give your Nest thermostat a name, i.e., “Nest Thermostat”, then fill in the rest of the fields with the values you noted down earlier. Click Save New Configuration. You will see a success message that your configuration has been saved successfully.

Your Nest thermostat will now have been added to your Ezlo controller, and you can find it in your devices list. You are now ready to create MeshBot automations that include your Nest thermostat, and you can see its current state visualized on the Dashboard.


Does this work for the Nest protects too? Or will this be added to the plugin later if not?

The plugin supports thermostats only for now. We’re working on supporting more Nest devices in the future.

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Probably not related to this plugin, but I would like to be able to send TTS announcements from my Meshbot rules Actions to my Google Home Speakers to make them say something out loud.

Currently I have to use Node-Red and the node-red-contrib-cast or the node-red-contrib-castv2 nodes.

I can then from my rules Action send a HTTP request to Node-Red that in turn makes the Google Home Speaker do a TTS and say something.

Likewise for Alexa speakers, be nice to be able to make them talk via a Meshbot rules Action.

Although adding this functionality is great, there has to be a better or less complicated way to integrate Nest with Ezlo.

Thank you for your feedback, @walshchristopherj. With plugins that integrate third party products, the complexity usually depends on how complicated that third party manufacturer makes it for others to integrate them.

We’re always on the lookout to find ways to streamline our processes for our users but we’re also unfortunately constrained by that fact.

what is “less complicated” from your perspective?
If I understand what you find “complicated”, we might be able to provide a less complicated version for that.

With another competitor device, it’s as simple as passing through secure authentication to your Nest account. Don’t get me wrong, I am a technical person and can follow the steps outlined but for most people I personally feel it’s overly complicated. IMHO.

I agree with you…
this post is about how to use Nest using Plugins…that run inside our controller…

but we also have a way to use Nest using NuCAL integration

where you simply do secure authentication and start using it.


Well, maybe it is just me, but I don’t think the NuCal path is much easier than the Ezlo plugin path… When you add the Google Nest NuCal plugin, it presents this dialog.

And if you click through the link, you have to go through almost as many, if not more, steps to provide access to the plugin. This may all be Google’s doing but neither way is all that simple IMHO.

Admittedly I haven’t tried it yet because both plugins require that I move my thermostats and cameras from my Nest account to my Google account and I haven’t wanted to do that because Vera will lose access to my thermostats that moment I transition.

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Followed the directions. When attempting to install any plugin, including EZlo Nest plugin" from the after downloaded from the marketplace, I get “failed to get file data”. Are there dependencies required before using installing to the controller?

Hi @JasonSmith ,

Currently there is a bug preventing you download plugins from marketplace. Our team is on it. We will update when it’s fixed. Please stay tuned

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Was checking to see if the issue has been resolved, now I get “access denied”.

Hi @JasonSmith
Is it a reproducable error ? Did you try couple of times ?

Every time with all plug-ins I’ve tried

@SaraV @Alvaro_Ochoa can you please help here and get the cloud request details which are failing pls

Hi @JasonSmith ,

Could you please check your PM? I’ve just sent a message asking for some information about your controller.

Hi! I just cannot make this plugin work, I was finally able to go through all the steps without getting any error, in fact all the steps went through fine, except that after I enter all the keys in configuration, nothing happens, no Nest device is created. I dont get any error messages either… dont know what to do now…

@osman any help here please?

Sure ,

We need to check the logs from the controller. @Alvaro_Ochoa can you help this as well pls