Ezlo Dashboard Alpha version

I can see you have added some settings for tiles like changing the tile colour or adding an image / icon for the tile.

Transparent png icon files are not displayed correctly.

Can we have the tiles name text at the top of the icon rather than across it.

We will be getting state icons right?

Different icons for the different states of a device on / off etc.

I guess tile background is a different thing to icon. I added my png as the tile background. Clicking on icon currently doesn’t do anything.

As you can see in Imperihome we also have buttons for on / off and a Dimmer slider.

This particular tile is also a “composite” tile its actually controlling two associated lamp devices together not just one.


Associated Devices for this one tile.


yes we are working on that at the moment and make a release next week with all the states we know.

We need to check this part more, I remember at some stage guys resolved PNG issues but it appeared again I guess.

We have a small design issue right there. The best option would be picking a color that will not disappear within the background picture but letting user fix that issue is an UX problem that we are creating. In the following versions we will work on that part.

We will work advanced tile options with button + percentage change on the tile but it is in Q4.

Q4 why so long,?

This is not a priority now because we already have a modal for those kind of changes; once you press on tile if there are more options than boolean operations, we will show a pop-up and let you change the values there.

Actually this part is on native teams rather then dashboard configurator team, and we have a huge backlog for Q3 :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t seem to be much happening with the Ezlo Dashboard app development currently?

Is there a change log I can see somewhere?

The app on my Android phone updated two days ago by the looks of it.

@melih @goker

Please have your dashboard lead Devs read this thread.

Did you see now you can interact with the buttons? there is a lot happening and functionality being added…and now its launched as part of the MiOS app as well…
You will have feature parity with imperihome and others…just matter of time…but know this, people are working very hard and delivering code…regularly…

On top of what Melih said; we will have custom device icons on the Dashboard app + MiOS app which will get us a step closer to provide similar functionalities of competitors.

Dashboard app has limited controls on the dashboard preview at this moment (like turn on / off and showing real-time status of the devices) because real usage of the dashboard will happen in the native apps (MiOS will be the first one and we will see the beta version next week)

I know you are excited about the new features as much as we are, and I’m sure you will not regret it once you see the new functionalities of the MiOS app.

@melih @goker

Thanks guys for the responses, sounds just like what we want to hear from you !

I haven’t looked at the Ezlo dashboard configurator for about a week or so, last time I looked not much had changed.

I am really hoping I can use the native Ezlo dashboard in the long term.

In the meantime with Imperihome gone EOL I am hedging my bets with “The Home Remote” that I am testing out now, so please see that thread again I linked to above, for ideas and there are more screen shots on there today.

Obviously “The Home Remote” only works with the current Vera FW and the HTTP API (Luup Requests) and this will break when I switch to the Ezlo FW / hub, but hoping the developer of that app will invest the time to make it compatible with the new Ezlo platform also.

I pinged Tarkus to see how we can work together.

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Yes he is very knowledgeable about this “The Home Remote” app much more so than myself currently.

Hi Everyone,
Yesterday we made another release and I’m happy to say that we get one step closer to fully customized Dashboard App.
In this release (;

  • You can see active controllers that we were able to detect under your profile (account) section
  • Device States are fully listed (it was only on / off in the past) and you can customize them state by state
  • Tile background image upload enabled on Web App too
  • Transparent background images supported
  • Device icons are now can be changed but now it is limited to internal library, we will let you upload your own icons besides providing you different sets of icons soon.
  • Landscape mode is working in a better way, it was a bit buggy in the past.

Known issues;

  • Not all the devices and Scenes listed at the moment, we are working with cloud teams to fix it.
  • Deleting entire name of the tile creates a visual bug but once you type the new title and press done, it works.

We will work on enabling manual scene triggering within the dashboard preview, which will let you run your favorite scene using new dashboard app.


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Can we specify exact RGB or hex colour codes for backgrounds and tile colours?

Rather than leaving it to chance we can pick the same exact colours via a colour wheel or sliders each and every time.

Also a global setting to make alll tile or page back ground colours the same. And we can upload our own dash page background images right?

Has the bug with Vera Plus devices and scenes now not being made available fixed?

It did work a few weeks ago now no devices or scenes from a a Vera Plus are presented.

Strange it still works for a Vera Edge running Vera firmware.


Can we now use state icons?

On or Off etc.




I see in your YouTube video you have a state button for on and off.

How about more detailed tiles not just showing a state on / off button but also having a state icon as well for the same tile / device.



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building a library with pretty graphics is coming…if you guys have a library you like please share it here and we will be happy to include it.

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This is already supported, but the icon is limited by our internal library at the moment. So in the near future, we will upload our own icons then we will have different Background + Different icons for each state.

I think we can show exact values underneath the picker and let you change it manually, but as you suggested, showing previously used colors would be great, I will talk to guys to make that part better.

Some nice icons on this web page:

Here are my icons. Not sure if the quality will be good enough for some of them? As I have made a lot of the icons myself. But the ones I use in Imperihome all look OK to me.


And here are my AV device and App icons.


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excellent thanks.
you can use these icons in your current design, right?
can you please use them in your own design and send us a screenshot of how it looks :slight_smile:

How you mean?

In the Imperihome app or in the new Ezlo dashboard ?

Here was a demo video of my Imperihome dashboards made 6 months ago now, so it has changed some what since.

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