Ezlo Dashboard Alpha version

I have not paired a Ezlo hub to my Vera account yet because I have not received any beta devices as yet in the post. :cry:

So why will this be better than ImperiHome?

That obviously remains to been seen yet. We all hope it will be as good as Imperihome and even better.

But nobody knows if it will be yet.

Agreed. My point mostly was that ImperiHome exists (questionable now with the bankruptcy), and does not require beta firmware builds, or yet-to-be-purchased hubs.

I’ve kind of given up hope on waiting for a solution, so I just reverted to Imperihome 3.10.11 which does not require the Imperihome account, and will limp from there.

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Hi @Anna,

IMO you should communicate those limitations clearly and explicitly if you ask people to spend their time testing for you. Especially the need for an Ezlo on the account has caused lot of wasted hours reading the responses here. This has not been the first time with the latest products. I also wasted many hours trying to find functionality known from Vera just to learn it is still under development (well, I hope it is) for Ezlo.

Cheers Rene


@Ezlo devs.

Can you confirm you have plans for a small http server / API running within the Ezlo Dashboard app?

We need to be able to control some aspects of the mobile dashboard app running on our wall mounted Android / IOS tablets.

For example from the Ezlo Hub controller, we need to be able to fire simple one line Http commands to the dashboard app to do somethings.

Like display a rtsp camera stream in the dashboard app upon a motion sensor tripping on the Ezlo hub.

Being able to have the Ezlo hub send http commands to the Ezlo Dashboard app to display a particular dashboard page on the tablet.

Being able to send http commands to wake the tablet / Ezlo Dashboard app from sleep etc.

Having the Ezlo dashboard app putting the tablet screen off / in to sleep after X minutes.

Imperihome which I am sure you know by now with us all talking about it all the time, has this functionality and should be your benchmark for what your own dashboard app can do and more if it is to be better than Imperihome?

Imperihome is dead now and no more development will happen and it is crippled with not being able to login to our Imperihome user accounts as their authentication servers are down.

We have work arounds either restoring backups to existing devices or using older APKs with new devices, but it’s on its last legs.

3rd party Imperihome app and PLEG logic engine running on Vera, is what has kept Vera alive for me for the last 10 years.

I’m hoping with the new Ezlo platform we won’t need 3rd parties for what should be core functionality.

See the Dashboard requests thread.


If you’re OK with HTTP dashboard, Fully Kiosk has everything you mentioned. I’ve never been a fan of Imperihome (didn’t like the look), so I’m on Fully Kiosk since a couple of years.

I built my dashboard on my own, but this is not difficult with the current fw generation. I can launch apps from the Vera (via HTTP), dim the screen, waking it up, navigate to pages, refresh them, check the battery (to do the 20/80 cycle) and so on. Standard wall plug with battery updated from the JSON returned from Fully Kiosk.


The next one has no HTTP endpoints to call at the moment, so we’ll see in the future. I truly hope the new Dashboard App will offer the same type of control.

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I think it would be highly constructive if (somehow) the ezlo firmware could reliably “throw an error” (via HTTP) whenever something went wrong internally, so the user (looking at the Dashboard) would know something had happened which requires immediate attention.

For example, let’s say my Vera Edge decided it was time for a firmware update. Rather than waiting around for me to “see” this in the app or the Web UI (coming soon to ezlo fw, I hear), it would be sweet if the Dashboard had a preset “Alerts” panel in which “FIRMWARE UPDATE READY” would automatically appear.

Other fault/alert conditions of interest:


I hope this makes sense. All of us hate surprises, and having the Dashboard surface all of Vera/ezlo’s internal conflicts in a single portal could be a really valuable add-on.

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we have something better…
I agree with the ability to be able to control the dashboard based on “rules”/“scenes”…and we need that rule engine…coming…

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Hi @cw-kid, in the near future we don’t have plans for API or http server but to enable that logic we are planning to add scenes / rule engine changing your active (displayed dashboard on that display device).

This is also on the roadmap, but as I said we prioritized web version to enable this app in other apps too.

Great I think that will do the job !

Being able to have the Ezlo hub scenes or rules engine control aspects of the Ezlo dasboard app running on the tablet, display IP camera images, display certain dashboard pages or widgets etc upon things happening on the hub.

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Thank you @LibraSun, we will consider this recommendation too, it would be really good to see a warning depending on severity level and some other functions like don’t show me again, remind me tomorrow, also it will need some sort of message history for people who missed something to catch up later.

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Can you confirm that the Ezlo Dashboard Configurator app / web dashboard app at some point will be able to be used with the existing Vera hubs / Vera Firmware ?

Or will it only be for Vera hubs running the new Ezlo Linux firmware ?


Hi @reneboer,
We know other community members spend some time voluntarily testing our alpha version too, and we appreciate that from day one, we learned a lot. :v:
I started working on those communication issues by including @Anna to the team, and soon, we will see better results with her contributions.

As Anna said in her message, we are sorry for the misinformation at the beginning.

Kind regards,

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At the moment we are working on the new Ezlo Linux firmware running on Vera hubs only.

Kind regards,


How do we get all the Z-Wave devices on our current Vera unit on to a Ezlo hub or Vera unit running Ezlo firmware?

So we can test the new dashboard app with all our existing devices.

Is it possible to have a test Vera Edge unit running the new Ezlo Linux firmware and have my production Vera Plus running the old Vera firmware bridged some how?

Can the Ezlo firmware Vera Edge be a secondary Z-Wave controller to the primary Vera Plus running Vera firmware?

Without having to actually unpair all the Z-Wave devices from Vera hub to the Ezlo firmware hub.

Kinda hard to properly test a new dashboard app if I only have a few spare physical Z-Wave devices paired to a Ezlo firmware hub.

As you mentioned this is an open discussion that we are still considering, at the moment we don’t have a solution, tbh I don’t see a technical solution that can copy all the Z-Wave devices to a new hardware! but using the same unit with a new hardware migration sounds feasible to me.

Bridge in between old and new firmware is something we are trying with new Ezlo Cloud and Dashboard App; so you can see all the devices associated to both hubs and then you can create a dashboard using both assets.

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Still unable to login.

Fixed finally in.

So far the templates look limited and things are not snappy.

When clicking on select a tile type - device it takes 8 seconds before it offers me a selection.
After filling most boexes, i click done, which returns me to select dashboard template page. I am unable to continue from there, the continue button is grey out.
I select back and there is no dashboard. When i try to add again all the devices i added to the missing dashboard are not selectable any more. I have to restart app to get a selection of all devices.

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We got this feedback couple more times and will work on this flow by simplifying template orientation selection screens.

If the button is gray out, probably you need to create (fill) at least one tile in landscape mode, or change the toggle button of Use only one template and continue from there.

Rest of the issues will be under investigation by the team;

  1. Slow device list gathering
  2. Unless you click done (it will be replaced with save), your dashboards will not be saved.
  3. Restarting the app to get device list
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I filled 6 or more tiles, then clicked done, still the continue was greyed out.

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