Ezlo controllers Beta enrollment starts now


We are opening the enrolment for Beta testing our latest Ezlo controllers: Ezlo Atom v2, Ezlo PlugHub v2, Ezlo Plus.

Please note that Ezlo Atom v2 and Ezlo Plus have both US and EU version available, the Ezlo PlugHub v2 comes at this moment only on US-frequency.

Thank you for signing up to participate in our beta program! Beta enrollment is closed.


I want to try the Ezlo Plus but I am in France, how can I do?

EDIT : I signed up too

Boom. Done!
(And thanks)


I am interested too, but what is the Ezlo Plus? Not finding details on that. An Atom V2 would be nice too anyway. Especially if the local API gets working :slight_smile:

Cheers Rene

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I live in Canada can I still sign up!

Here ya go, René:

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Great!!! a new plus…

yes you can.

Hi Ioana, can you provide more info on Ezlo Plus, like which radio’s are in and how many devices it can handle? I saw that Atom and Plughub can only handle 30 devices which means they are useless for me

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Ezlo plus has : Zwave, Zigbee, Wifi and bluetooth (BLE stack is not launched yet but it will be enabled in the future). It can handle the max number of devices allowed by zwave (232).
Atom & Plughub: Zwave and Wifi and it can handle the max number of devices allowed by zwave (232)

Please bear in mind, ability to handle wifi devices is not limited.Its only limitation is how many you want to send instructions to at the same time!


Signed up!

Signed up :slight_smile:

Signed up.

Guess what just arrived!

Now, they will be put in their pretty enclosures, flash, test and send!


Looking forward to testing them :slight_smile:

Jihaaa! Do i see an RJ45, USB A a button and a USB micro B for power or what?? and some testpins…

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Send away - can’t wait!

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Looks promising. Just send it :smiley:

Maybe hope that’s a USB-C instead of Micro?


RJ45 for Ethernet connection,
USB A - USB host,
buttons and RGB led
USB micro B for power and OTG

Fully assembled looks like this: