Ezlo Atom Local control

I have had the beta Atom 2 now for a few days. I was looking at controlling devices locally, but i see no way to connect to the Atom when the internet is down. I have disconnect my Broadband and then tried connect to Atom 2 via App, no luck.

Does the Atom have local control?

The hub operates without internet, but the app still require internet to authenticate.
The full offline support will come soon into the app too.
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Hello @ElCid,

All Ezlo hubs after power up establishing connection to cloud and in parallel listening for requests to be connected locally and can handle both connections in parallel.
Hubs don’t have dependencies from internet. In case you don’t have internet you always have possibility to make local connection.
As Adina said, mobile teams are working on the full offline support and it will come soon.


Cool, good to hear.

That indeed sounds cool!


How´s the full offline support is going?


great, we have it operating locally.

How does one connect to it or is a firmware update to the controller in order?

Hi @mythtified,
Are you using IOS or Android app ?
If IOS, app will find your Atom automatically in the local network and will be connected in local mode.

What about Android ? How do you know if its connected in local mode or not ?

go to settings
go to customer care
it shows the the Connection Status:
at the bottom.


The Vera mobile app on my Android phone says “Relay Connected” for the Atom.

If I switch the app to the Ezlo Plus controller it also says “Relay Connected”.

Relay connected is not Local.
are you in the same wifi network as your ezlo?
ah…yours is Ezlo Plus…this is for Ezlo Atom…

I have both an Atom and an Ezlo Plus

Yes my phone is connected to the same WIFI network as the Atom.

I also had 4G Mobile data turned on my phone. I have now turned this off, launched the Vera mobile app again and connected to the Atom and it still says “Relay Connected”

When I first open the Vera mobile app each time it lists all my controllers, I have four of them.

that means its choosing to connect via the cloud and not locally.
Oleg can help you identify why.

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Hi cw,

This may be related to the problem getting the token for the Plus. Initially none of my hub would not connect locally either. Now they mostly do, but not always. No idea why as any of my tools connecting local always work.

You could try to remove the plus from your account and add it again.

Cheers Rene


The Atom has a token as we discussed but the Ezlo Plus has no token.

Did you hear anything back from the developers on my behalf?

I will try to remove the Plus from the Vera account and add it again.

Won’t get to do that till tomorrow now though.

Hi @cw-kid,

The Ezlo team could not see anything missing for your set-up. It may have been a timing thing they think, but that implies you should be able to get a token for the plus now. However, now you have unauthenticated working there is no real need I suppose.

Cheers Rene

I was able to turn off the authentication via the Api tool however I have still been unable to send http commands to the Plus getting some error.

I wrote about it in the other Http API preview thread.

@oleh I am using an Android phone