Ezlo Atom Local control

Hi @mythtified1. In the next beta release(from the next Thursday) we’ve added some information to diagnose the local mode issues. After the release, by clicking on “Relay Connected” message, the android app will display a popup with information if the access keys for the controller are successfully fetched and if the android app has successfully discovered the controller locally. Thanks for your patience.


@oleh Thank you.

I am connecting remotely and access keys available
are true.
What’s next?


I see the same problem. Relay Connected. If I click it says: Discovered locally : false, Access keys available: true.

So it suggest a local network difference. However, if I check with avahi-browse the Athom is listed, just as the Plus. To the latter the app does connect local. The only difference is one is wired and the other wifi connected.

Looks like the app has a problem with the discovery step for the Athom.

Cheers Rene

Yes, it looks like a bug in the App. The team will look into it.

Hopefully once it is fixed I will be able use the app while I am connected to wifi.