Everspring SF812 smoke detector not waking up

Anybody having problems with this device? Mine refuses to wake up, so queued config commands just sit there forever.

I have some of these smoke sensors. And indeed, they no not update their battery level automatically. I updated the firmware which was release yesterday, this is supposed to fix some issues with the wake up of battery powered devices. I will post back in some this and tell if it helped…

The new firmware seems to have done something; the smoke detector’s battery symbol on the dashboard is now green instead of grey, but the config request is still waiting to be actioned.

I’ll be interested to hear how you get on!

You usually have to wake up a battery powered device manually for the first time.

As soon as I pressed the pair button on the smoke sensor the configuration commands ran through and then disappeared.

Tried that but it’s not happening for me. I’ll try deleting and re-creating the device…


I just checked the user manual:
This device does not wake up at all by design!

It’s awake only 10 mins after a new battery is placed in or 5 secs after the tamper switch is pushed:

Here’s the original quote of the manual:

“The users can also enquire the battery status of the detector by sending
BATTERY_ GET command via controller, however, this procedure can only be
done during 5-second time allowance after the tamper switch/detector being
triggered or 10 minutes wakeup time when power is first applied.”

Hope this helps,


Hm, that’s kind of bad. In my opinion the battery levels of smoke sensors have quiet an important relevance to security.

So basically I should expect that the battery level indicators get grayed out again when the vera tries to get the battery level without any response. I will post back in a few days, as for the moment the still show the current battery level.

So it looks as if the only time the device can actually be called a Z-Wave device is when the battery is low or when your house is on fire.

I wish I’d read the manual before I bought it. What a useless device!

Just to confirm (another way), could someone post the [tt]Capabilities[/tt] string for the device?

Capabilities 82,156,0,4,161,7,R,B,RS,|114,128,133,134,156,
Version 6,2,64,1,5
Manufacturer Everspring

Thanks. I guess that confirms there is indeed no support for wake-up (class 132); unfortunately.

An earlier version:

Capabilities    82,156,0,4,161,7,R,B,RS,|114,128,133,134,156,
Version 	6,2,64,1,4
Manufacturer 	Everspring

I just sent this to Everspring. It will be interesting to see if I get a response:

I purchased one of your SF812 smoke alarms in January, and installed
it in early February, connecting it to my Z-Wave network. A few days later
the SF812’s battery indicator on the Z-Wave server control panel went from
green to grey, indicating that the device was not reporting.

I have since seen various forum discussions regarding this device, and
apparently it can only be communicated with for a few seconds after power
has been applied or the tamper switch has been operated. The only other
times it actually uses Z-Wave capability is to report a low battery or a
smoke alarm. Since there is no way of telling whether or not the device is
actually active on the network in the meantime, I consider this a very
unsatisfactory method of operation. A Z-Wave network is fairly reliable,
but occasionally a device will stop communicating and need to be reset. If
a device gives no warning or feedback in such situations, and cannot respond
to polls, it could be off the network for months without anyone knowing, and
as a result be unable to report a smoke alarm via Z-Wave should one occur.

I think for Everspring to describe this device as Z-Wave compliant is
stretching the truth, and I think it would be a good idea for you to warn
prospective purchasers of the severe limitations of the device. I would
certainly never have spent so much on a smoke detector had I known how poor
the Z-Wave implementation was. I might as well have bought something from
B&Q for a tenth of the price. I consider the Z-Wave functionality of this
device not fit for purpose.

1.4 Low Battery Report When the battery level of the detector drops to an unacceptable level, the detector will sound once every 30 seconds and send BATTERY_REPORT command to the nodes of Grouping 1 once per hour.

Better than nothing, but not being able to ask the device for the battery level is a severe limitation.

so it’s true, after a few days the battery icon has grayed out again and vera does not know battery level any more. I have not often seen something that stupid. I inserted almost empty batteries in one of the sensors, this way I will see druing the next few days if the message is sent to vera once batteries get empty…

Will post back in a week or so.

Everspring should be ashamed to put this useless device on the market - and to charge such a stupidly high price for it. Disgraceful.

Well, the latest from this piece of garbage is that it’s reporting via Z-Wave that my house is on fire, but its local alarm is not sounding. Since I’ve been sitting in the next room for a considerable time I’d say it’s lying.

Everspring should be utterly ashamed of themselves.


Can I use an alarm sf812 also
I would like to ring in addition to my intrusin a siren if possible?


Have bought 3 of these… same thing here… Any solution yet?

I have also the same problem with three smoke detectors. Same reference.