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I have a GE Jasco In-Wall Smart Motion Switch 26931/ZW4006, and I’m trying to set up an association from the light switch to an z-wave outlet, so I can have two devices turn on when the switch is turned on. The switch, which apparently is a child of the motion sensor, does not have Device Options available, so I can’t set a group ID in the switch to associate with the outlet. I know the switch can take associations, based on this reference page, but I’m unsure how to do it. Has anybody done associations with this device, and if so, how do you go about doing it? I don’t want the motion sensor itself to be the association, because I don’t the outlet to turn on based upon movement (I use Reactor logic for that, combined with the motion sensor and other variables).

Thanks in advance.

Which hub are you pairing the ZW4006 with? Vera or Ezlo or other?

Sorry, it’s Vera Plus. i forget that Ezlo is out there now.

Still trying to get a hang of the association thing. I have another standard GE Jasco wall switch that I’m trying to associate with a GE Jasco wall outlet, and I’m not having much luck getting them to sync. I had set up scenes to turn them on and off when the wall switch turned on, so they stayed in sync, but for whatever reason, they’ve been out of sync lately, and I thought associations might work better.

You normally need to Add Group 2 on the controlling deivce and then use the Set button to select the device(s) you want to be controlled e.g. turned on / off.

So in the Group ID field enter 2 and then hit the Add group Button.

Once that’s done hit the Set button choose the device(s) to be controlled and hit the Save button.

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Note that you may need to look at the Jasco documentation on what Group number to use, it is usually group 2, but for some older devices it is group 1. Make sure you are setting the association on the Switch to point to the Outlet (using the Set button as highlighted). You usually don’t need to point the outlet to the the Switch. Not that associations usually only work when the switch is manually triggered, and not when the switch it turned off or on via automation from the Vera. I usually have both an association and scenes setup if you want them to be in sync all the time for all actions.

Yes, the one I’ve been trying to get to work should be group 2:


I have it linked to the device I want to control, but it’s not doing anything when I press the switch.

Not usual but I have seen some Z-Wave devices where there is a parameter setting that needs enabling frst, to actually enable Basic Set commands for association to then work.

Not familiar with your devices at all as they are US. But as suggested read their user manuals fully.

And as stated some older devices do use group 1 for associated devices.

Usually group 1 is for lifeline to the controller and group 2 is for Basic Set commands to other devices, but not guaranteed.

Also if your switch is z+ and the outlet is an older non-z+ you either need to set the parameter for non-encrypted for association comm (if there is one). Or include the device in non-secure mode (how to do that varies and not alway straight forward on Vera)

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