Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor

I purchased this from for $35.
I paired it with my Vera and installed on the top panel.

It shows as a door sensor and is tripped when the panel/sensor goes over 45 degrees.
Works great!


I just bought two of them (one for each door) and mine show up as motion sensors in my Vera3. I want both to control an appliance module to let me know if the either one of the garage doors is open. I am having one problem I set up the trigger in the scene to turn the light off when the sensor is tripped. Which means if one door is put down the light goes off even if I have one door up.

Is there a way to get the appliance module to only shut off if only both sensors are not tripped?

PLEG application. (As are all conditionals in VERA).

So an input for each door sensor. Then a condition of (Door1Open OR Door2Open)…

I wish these had been available a few months ago. I installed a door/window sensor, but I like tilt sensors for garage doors so you can put up the door just a little to vent without tripping the sensor (depending on where you mount the sensor)…

Thanks for the link - my local staples doesn’t carry it so I’ll order it online.

PLEG application. (As are all conditionals in VERA).

So an input for each door sensor. Then a condition of (Door1Open OR Door2Open)…[/quote]

How do I do that? I don’t even know what you mean by PLEG application.

Thanks, Wade

PLEG (Program Logic Event Generator) is a plugin that allows you to create complex events / scenes.

  • Garrett

Gotcha! I will install that app and see if I can get it to work…I may be back for some more help. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Wade

Ok I have the Core plug in installed and the PLEG plug in installed how do I get it to work? The pleg plug in shows up in my devices but has a broken icon. Do I have to chose for it to be controlled via the core plug in under the advanced tab? I was going to try it but I got message saying if I change the parent I could brick my Vera. I don’t want to do that so I thought I would ask. As you can tell I am new at this. Thanks for the help.


I am not sure what I did but I got it to work. ;D

Still Staples Deal of the Day for $34.99 with free ship . In for 1. Now I can have Vera let me know if the door is open and then use my sears assurelink to close it.

Wow, thanks for this tip! I ordered online from Staples and received it the next day! With free shipping!

This was cheaper than the Aeon switch, 10 times easier to install, and works great. I was having trouble with the Aeon switch not latching on the base after I srcrewed it to the wall so had already ordered a new one. Now I will be returning both of the Aeons.

Mine came in yesterday. Easy as pie to include.

Switched Vera into inclusion mode, put battery in sensor and placed it on top of Vera and it included inside a minute

Tested unit by flipping it over and confirmed green man turned to red man on dashboard and vice versa almost instantly.

Great little unit. Wish it ran AA or AAA instead of CR123.

Lets hope Staples puts more zwave stuff like this up for daily deal.

This sensor is great. I had an Everspring Door Sensor, but it was only 99% accurate with gap needed with the Garage Door.

Received this sensor last week, and except for no button to pair (remove and reinsert batter), it works perfectly.

Paired this with a Linear Dry Contact module, and the Garage Door Vera Plugin, and it works perfectly.

I got mine. It seemed to include easy enough. I’ve got the icon anyway. It says waiting for wake up to configure device. The green guy doesn’t turn red when I turn the device over. I configured it manually and the messages suggest it was configured, but the Configured field still reads -1.

Still no change. I configured it again via Vera. It polls successfully but nothing, no reaction to changing the orientation to the sensor. When I flip the device I hear the sensor flip.

Another clue? The LED stays lit. I included it again, the LED turns on when I insert the battery, the Vera blinks rapidly to indicate it included the device, but the LED on the device stays lit. According to the instructions it’s supposed to go out.

Here is what happens.
Press + on Vera
Vera LED starts to blink.
Insert battery in device
LED on device lights up and starts to blink.
Vera (after a bit) blinks rapidly, then goes back to blinking normally.
LED on device stops blinking and stays lit.
Device shows up in Vera with message waiting to configure.
Blue circle is lit next to _Motion Sensor in Vera

Final Update (hopefully).
The blue circle and waiting to configure message went away, the LED on the device went out and now it’s working as designed.

Sheesh, I did this at least 4 times.

Anyway, it’s working now.

I also placed an order for 2 and an aeotec smart switch as well as some velcro (to get over $150) and then applied a $30 coupon . plus free shipping. not bad

I am having the same problem. Guessi’ll have to include it a4th time? Didyou exclude it after each time?

Yeah, I went through all types of things, including excluding. Finally it worked.

Perseverance won out :slight_smile:

It worked now, after the 6th time. I suspect it will only update the node/configure if the lid is out. If you pair, and immediately put the cover back in, the thing will not receive the initial configuration. I don’t know just guessing, it’s working now.

Weird. I switched Vera 3 into include mode then inserted the battery in teh sensor and set it on top fo Vera. Included within 30 seconds.
I left it alone for another 15 minutes as from experience I know battery operated devices seem to take a while to properly include.
After that I put the cover on and flipped the sensor a few times. Vera everytime made the green man into a red man and vice versa.
Took it to the garage and stuck it to the top panel. It has been working seamlessly since.

I wonder if yours came with a battery past it’s prime and might benifit from a fresh CR123