Early Beta - Local Access Phase 1

Hi All,

We are preparing the “Early Beta - Local Access Phase 1”. This early beta release will have the 1st Phase of the local control capability. This is requested by a lot of people from the community and we are committed to include it into our Ezlo platform.

With this new release you will be able to create scenes that are triggered by other devices and use scene controllers as triggers in scenes. This way, independent of an Internet connection, you will be able to run your scenes whenever you want.

In the second phase you will be able to do much more with your smartphone when you are at home without having an Internet connection for your hub, like creating and editing scenes, pairing new devices and controlling them, and changing configuration of your hub.

Included features in this early Beta:

  • Local Access Phase 1

  • Extended scene creation options (devices as triggers)

  • Pin codes management

  • New supported devices

Compatible devices:

  • Ezlo Atom

  • Ezlo PlugHub

If you want to participate in this Beta Program please fill in this short form (only users that are located in the US are eligible for the Beta): Beta Phase 1 Ezlo

BETA - Warning

Please note that since the public beta software has not yet been commercially released, it may contain bugs, errors, or technical inaccuracies. It may not function as well as general availability software releases.

The Beta Program contains Beta software that is not recommended for testing on a production machine. They’re intended for beta testers only. Please try at your own risk.


Great job guys!
this amazing powerful Ezlo Atom is now getting into “Local Mode/Offline mode”! Bring it on! I am in :slight_smile: !


One of the most positive news I have gotten from the crew for quite some time. Looking forward to test it.


i am in, would love to see the Atom become useful in my infrastructure, also @Ioana will we now have web access to the Atom?

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Just to be clear what this statement means. Will you replace my device if it is bricked using this Beta software?

Short answer is yes.

Long answer: All the ezlo hardware have a factory reset capability where in theory bricking device should not be possible.

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@melih sorry I just realized that this is about eZLO hardware so this post is a bit out of topic :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thanks for confirming this. As you may know I had a VeraPlus “bricked” situation where the support person just gave up on recovering the device and told me it will not be replace since it was broken by upgrading to Bate version of software. Fortunately Sorin intervened and suddenly the support person told me that they would make an exception this time and send me a new device.

Personally I was surprised how easily the support person gave up, I mean the device could be booted in to recovery mode so with the proper tools I’m sure it could have been brought back to life.

I guess the procedure of recovering bricked device may be different because I’m on the other side of the pond (Finland), I mean it is not cheep sending the device back and forth just to recover it.

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This is good news, and changes my mind about following the Elzo platform development and participating as a tester.


Hi Sky320,

I’m very happy to hear this. We’re currently focused on improving/delivering new features through the mobile apps - the web interface is not yet ready for the Ezlo Hardware.

Oh good.

Local controllers are necessary to provide confidence in a product even if they don’t have confidence in a company. The kerfuffle with Spectrum’s security system, UnderArmors health devices getting neutered and the Sonos thing are just the latest in a long line of devices turned into doorstops.

And Vera/EzLo’s name recognition among the masses is more likely to come up with Vera Bradly and Eazy-E.

Being able to say “it’s cheap and it’ll keep working even when the cloud goes down” is a good hook.


One thing which would be for the next step… I am still not a fan of depending on mobile apps. I realize that it may be difficult with so little resource to have a webserver on the device so it maybe a good idea to enable a local API along with a client interface which could be either the mobile app or a windows/mac app to interact with it.
It would be good to be able to upload a vera zwave network on it equivalent to uploading the dongle.dump binary onto the Atom/Plughub so once can clone a vera network directly onto the device. It would very much facilitate testing in the short term and migration in the future.

Wi-fi local mode is done already at the firmware level (not released yet) (There is plenty of processing power on these powerful beasts! its not the processing power its the RAM thats the problem with ESP…thats why we use extra RAM, which solves our problems;) sshhh don’t tell anyone). We are finalizing the smartphone code, making sure the connection between smartphone and Atom is secure (using SSL, certs etc,) when working offline…This way you will have both Zwave and Wifi local mode all enabled in Atom…(and thats just the start of it…)…(some data for you…each connection we make with the Atom webserver takes 25Kb worth of RAM if not secured and over 30Kb of RAM if secured…so we can make multiple parallel connections even!)…We have only just started Rafale77!


or a docker client

Whoo super excited! I’m in

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i am in. thanks

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Please put me on the list.

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When can Europe expect Ezlo Atom and Plus?

Hi all,

I promised to get back to you early this week - please join the Beta program by filling in this short form: Beta Phase 1 Ezlo
Please note that only users that are located in the US are eligible for the Beta.

We are currently making all the preparations to hand the beta builds to you.


I already replied to your question in another thread, but I’ll have the information written in here as well - just in case someone else is interested in the EU version :wink:. At this stage we’re working to have the Ezlo HW for EU in Q2 this year.



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