Does zooz open close sensor zse41 work?

I am using a ezlo plus controller and I’m trying to pair a ZOOZ Open Close Sensor (ZSE41). The device pairs but is not functional. I have tried re-pairing it several times but the results are the same. The firmware version on the controller is Has anyone gotten this to work?

Hi @JackStewart

I will clarify with the department in charge and let you know the status of this device with our platform.


It is already listed on your integration list but does not work for me.

Hello @JackStewart

It is integrated and it is aimed to be available in a later release, we are pushing hard to bring new integrations for the community.

What exactly does that mean “be available in a later release.” Specifically WHEN???

Still waiting forr a reply. Looking at your compatability chart it looks like it should already be integrated. So what am I to believe?

See Newly Integrated Devices on Ezlo Platform 2021-Dec-21

It say ZSE41 has been integrated. What am I to believe??

Currently it doesn’t pair or work with my Ezlo Plus. what am I missing?

Hello, @JackStewart can you record on pair screen and dm me ?

We are happy to help you.

ANy help would be appreciated.

Hello, @JackStewart please check your DM.

Thanks for your help. I got the ZSE41 to work after many tries. It keeps dropping the pairing every few days.