Devices randomly disappearing (again)

I originally set things up with a VeraLite and ran that for a few years without much in the way of issues overall. I started to see devices disappear from the configuration as if they had been unpaired (they never returned, scenes they were triggers for changed to Manual scenes, etc.). After some basic research and checking on the controller itself, I drew the conclusion that I may have exceeded the number of devices it could reasonably manage and/or the flash storage may have been wearing down and experiencing some corruption issues.

I replaced the unit with a VeraSecure, migrating the configuration that was in place at the time. Things were fine again. In the meantime, I deployed the VeraLite again elsewhere and it was working fine with a handful of devices to manage.

When I sold my home and moved to the secondary location where the VeraLite was again being used, I once again did a migration onto the VeraSecure and retired the Lite. All was well again for a few years.

During that time, I added more devices to the network (mostly controllable plugs) and believed things were working ok. In the last few weeks, I have discovered that a SmartSensor 6 that I had connected to the system apparently “fell off” quite some time ago. I was using it to detect high temps in a specific room of the house, and didn’t associate the loss of the sensor with the loss of high-temp alerts because I had taken other significant steps to drop the temps in that room permanently.

This week, I also realized some odd outputs on a couple of plugs (claiming they are off when they are actually on) and have lost a key plug from the system as well. Again, a scene it was linked to as a trigger is now showing that it is a Manually triggered scene.

What gives? Why do these controllers randomly drop devices with no warning and no errors, and why haven’t I seen a firmware update for this device in years?

Vera products are no longer supported so there are no more software updates. The current release is several years old now.

Your only option is to live with Vera products and any warts they may have, or migrate to Ezlo. While Ezlo is fully supported the software is still fairly immature from a stability and feature richness perspective. It is gradually getting better but has a ways to go.

Hi @ember1205 - can you still see it if you run a report to show all the devices ? Thinking out loud just curious if its become invisible (which is a setting vera has)?