Development on hold

Right now I do not have plans to release the source code. Maybe in the future, but not at the moment.

  • Garrett

Sorry to hear this. Thanks for the app, though. I really appreciate(d) it :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear this, Garrett thanks a lot for the excellent work with AutHomation!

I’m hoping Garrett restarts development on AuthomationHD as it’s still my primary app on all Android devices.
If he devices to fully move to a different platform (eg OpenHab) all I can hope for is that he decides in open the source or finds a worthy successor to take over development as it would be a shame to let such an excellent product die. If Garrett decides to make an AuthomationHD for whichever platform he moves to that will be a strong draw for me to evaluate that platform. 8)

If/When development restarts, I hope he adds the ability to merge multiple Vera’s into one like ImperiHome seems to do. I just added my Ui7 to the existing Ui5 one already in that app and it is showing both at the same time. Granted, I have some duplicate rooms and some duplicate camera’s but I can now see all devices on both Vera’s without having to switch between them. As in preparation for the Ui7 migration I have been adding all new devices to my Vera 3 running UI7 (Only if they cause issues will the be moved to the Vera 3 running Ui5) and that requires having multiple tabs open on my desktop or in AuthomationHD, swap between controllers.

It’s no longer in development but is it still possible to install the app? I can’t find it in the play store any more and the google drive apk link comes up with a terms of service violation. It’s a great app currently working on my G3 running lollipop so it should be great to use for the forseeable future.

The latest AuthomationHD beta is still available and runs pretty stable.

See the first post in the below thread, download and install it.,25219.0.html

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh awesome. Thanks a million for that.!

You’re welcome. Do realize it is a beta but it does work with Ui6/Ui7 MMS authentication. One thing, auto-configuration is switched off as I believe it was causing issues. So you have to set up the information for your Vera manually. Other than that it works pretty well and even supports the Multiswitch device. Garrett also implemented some different tile sizes but I’m not sure if all of that is 100% yet.

Well, that beta is light years ahead of vera. I just wonder why MCV never just bought that app and used it as their own.

Yup. It’s one hell of an app. Since Garrett put development on hold and the one in the Google play store does not support UI7 I can understand why he removed it from the play store since all new Vera’s come with UI7.

I’m very appreciative of the fact he left the beta version up and available.

Well, that actually makes a lot of sense… and it’s been a relief to have the beta available. Here’s hoping it keeps on working…

Thanks for that, I did not think to check the betas. I just bought 4 VeraLites a couple weeks ago but they all came with UI5 so I guess I can count myself lucky. Garrett’s app is really fantastic.

why not charge $20 bucks for the app and keep developing it on the side? i’d pay for it… i’m sure others would as well.

i noticed its no longer in the google play store. :frowning:

The play store was always an old outdated version that didn’t work with newer devices or ui6/7. The download has always been on here and was the latest update.

See here if you want to install the latest update.,25219.0.html

Let me clarify a few things. The reason I removed it from the app store is that it was an older version that did not support UI6/UI7 remote access. I did not feel to push out the last beta release due to unfinished portions of the app (specifically the auto configuration wizard which I had not finished the UI6/UI7 portion). I was getting countless emails from users requesting help that the app store version is not working with their UI6/UI7 Vera’s. Why is it so hard to read the description of the app listing which states at the very top that Vera’s with UI6/UI7 firmwares are not supported for remote access. Yet I get many emails a day asking for help or demanding that I post an update to support the latest firmware from Vera. So I removed the app for the play store listing and will be leaving the link to the beta download in the forum which anyone can install from. I do not plan on removing the link.

The reason I do not put a price on the app is the very reason I put development on hold. I simply do not have the time and energy to put into the app. The very little free time that I have is to spend it with my other half, relax from the long hours I put into my day job and for the other little projects that I have accumulated over time. If I were to charge for the app, I would be obligated to provide support, development of features and bug fixes to justify their purchase. That is a lot of pressure. What amazes me is the amount of people that contact me demanding I add a feature, fix a bug, etc for an app that cost them nothing! To put it simply I am just burned out.

To put the icing on the cake, I have moved most of my stuff from Vera except the zwave devices over to OpenHAB. I have translated my ISY plugin for Vera over to OpenHAB which runs under node.js and communicates via mqtt. So all that my Vera is currently controlling is zwave. All automation and logic is not under OpenHAB and is running very solid. Will I remain on OpenHAB and rely on Vera to just act as a zwave gateway? That remains to be seen.

  • Garrett

I have been using this app for years and just want to thank you for all your work. This is the only one that has been easy and reliable enough for my wife to use. With 70 devices in my network I would be lost without it. I never took the time to thank you until today when I purchased a new phone, went to the app store and my heart sank :)…No AutHomation??? (I downloaded it directly thanks to your links, but you scared the hell out of me for a second).

Sorry to hear people gave you a tough time (but not surprised) but please know the VAST majority are enjoying your software in silence 365 day’s a year!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Where can I download version (the last version in the Google Play store)??

I see a download link for, but not

Also, when I try to download the older version (from here,8156.0.html) I get an error from Google…

Thanks in advance!

[quote=“TaterTot, post:37, topic:185707”]Where can I download version (the last version in the Google Play store)??

I see a download link for, but not

Also, when I try to download the older version (from here,8156.0.html) I get an error from Google…

Thanks in advance![/quote]

The latest version that works with UI7 is not the play store. you want to installed this one.,25219.0.html

I want the version I posted. I do not have UI7…

Alright I didn’t see that version either. That’s a really old and out dated version. Maybe someone will have it laying around.

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