Development on hold

I’ll keep this short and sweet. All future development of AutHomation has been put on hold. If you have not already seen from previous posts, I am currently investigating using OpenHAB as my main automation and using Vera as the zwave controller.

  • Garrett

So will there be a AuthomationHD for OH in our future?

I’m sorry to hear that. The AutHomation app was one of the reasons I decided to stick with the Vera.

MCV will be in trouble with their Android users now.

Hopefully only on hold and not too long.


Thanks for the excellent effort you’ve put into AutHomation! I hope the hold doesn’t go for too long!

Any reason for not releasing AutHomation to the market? It seems to be solid enough so far?

I have not posted the beta as there are some things left unfinished. One of them being the auto configuration portion of the app to incorporate UI6/UI7. I temporarily removed the UI5 auto configure to not cause any confusion when setting up. I do not want to push out the app with the unfinished bits.

  • Garrett

Not sure. The current state of the OH app is in need of a face lift and fixes. I posted in the google groups asking if there were any plans to update it to the material design standards. I may take a stab at helping out or at least help with fixing a few UI issues.

  • Garrett

Thank you for all you work – I’m sure the community appreciates everything you’ve done.

Sorry to hear this, Garrett, but thanks for the great work. I use the app multiple times a day, every day, and will continue to.

It is sad to see the development on this on hold :frowning:
Great job with the app though! :slight_smile: Thank you for it. It is my favorite for Android.
I hope someone will offer to continue it for you while your working on OH ;D

Thanks for all of your work on AutHomation and continued support in the community.
I know without contributors like you Vera would of never gained the support it has, integration and usability!

if it makes any difference… which it prob doesn’t… I would be a paying customer ;D

Thanks for the work you’ve done. AutHomation is by far the best app for the Vera.

Will you be opening up the source?

Thanks for all your efforts. It’s a great app.

I paid for ImperiHome Pro and I would pay for yours too

It is very sad words! Thank you for all of your work and support on Vera.
Your app is great!


Damn, love that app :slight_smile:

It is disheartening, yet understandable to see development on hold. Can’t wait to see the fruits of your future endeavors as your app was the sole reason I chose Vera as my automation hub.

Thank you for everything. I am watching vera fall apart at a rapid pace and I can’t even imaging the frustration they have caused you. Please know that we appreciate you efforts and wish you the absolute best in the future. As many others have stated, we will be happy to follow. Thank you!

I would like to echo the other statements here. Your app is what helped me decide to stick with vera. Would you be open to releasing your source code or putting it up on github for others to pick up and continue what you started?