Delayed push notification

For the last few days many of my Vera notifications are arriving long after the events. Most recently there was a 6 minute delay, but I have seen delayed notifications of over a half hour. Is this a known issue?

There was a problem with push notifications and e-mail last week that was acknowledged. Push notifications did start working again. I am still not getting e-mail notifications. And now I too am sporadically getting notifications, sometimes not at all.

Just now at 9:32 I received a push notification from 7:34, just under a 2 hour delay. Glad it wasn’t an alert from my smoke detector…

Yeah I just got some that were hours old.
Looks like they are having some other issues, app store is down also.

I haven’t received any notifications for days.

Any status update on getting e-mail notifications back as well?

we have a whole new framework at Ezlo where you can create any custom Notification MeshBot

So from now on notifications will no longer be sent the old way and have to be created as a Notification MeshBot?

for Ezlo controllers only…yes…
however we will also have default Notification MeshBots for each device type soon…

What about Vera users?


Push notifications for Vera users should be working fine. If you have any issues let us know so we can create a support ticket to investigate.


Push notifications are working but e-mail is not. I have not received any e-mail alerts since the original push notification outage. Are e-mail notifications no longer supported for Vera users?

Push notifications are working better, but still delayed by several minutes on occasion.

Actually, yes, notifications are still supported. As @Juppers mentioned, so far, this is what we currently know about G-series when it comes to notification issues: Events on push and e-mail notifications are sent in one single-bulk time, minutes after the events are triggered. It usually takes from 5 to 10 minutes for the notifications to arrive. Send me a DM with your unit’s serial number and I’ll take a look into your account settings.

Hello @Tim88 @Juppers

We checked those delayed notifications for G-series on or side and fixed them. Now, it takes 1-2 seconds to get notifications from G-series controllers.


I’m not sure what a G series controller is, I have a VeraPlus, and notifications are still regularly delayed, not sent at all, or delayed AND repeated. I seriously don’t want a smoke alarm notification to arrive 45 minutes after the fact, or that someone has opened a door or window while no one is home, etc.
I have been sending examples of the delayed notifications to support for weeks and there has been zero progress. They just keep saying they don’t see an issue and close the ticket. There is clearly an issue and I keep showing them examples. I guess the next step is to find an external notification service, or a new HA platform all together.

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I am still seeing delays on my Vera Plus as well. Also, still no e-mail notifications.

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I am facing the exact same problem in Veralite. Push notifications are delayed even for 2 hours, Then they arrived in bulks repeating them several times. Sometimes they don’t arrive at all.
It is already two week with the same problem.
Vera is getting worst everytime. First Prowl notifications stopped working, now native Push notifications are starting to fail.

I have been getting delayed notifications from my Vera Edge sporadically for the last couple of weeks. The Alerts in Vera show correct time-stamping, but Notifications via Push, email and text are often delayed significantly, and I sometimes get multiple repeats over time of the same notifications. Coincidentally, I’m having erratic behavior on Logins via Web access. It’s making use of Vera really unproductive for me.

I was getting delayed notifications until 2 days ago. Now most notifications just never arrive at all. This problem just keeps going the wrong direction instead of getting better.