Dashboard on Vera3 - "1 device is no longer connected"

Under “Current Status” of the Dashboard view on my Vera3, it says the following…

1 device is no longer connected
It can be disconnected, out of range, or the batteries should be replaced.

When I click the arrow to find out what device is having a problem, it takes me to the Devices view with a filter of “Failed devices” applied. The problem is that there are no devices listed as failed. Additionally, the full device list doesn’t show anything failed.

I have not directly logged in to my Vera3 in a while so I don’t know when this stated.

Any ideas how to identify the problem device (or at least what the Vera3 thinks is a problem device)?


Only slightly related thread I could find

For grins, I installed the mobile app and the offending device showed right up under the “Failed Devices” list. I was able to delete it and everything is showing OK now.

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