Customizable Dashboard - Add your Wishes/Requests here

As we are building this Customizable dashboard please tell us exactly what you would like to see/do in this dashboard here. Our developers will take these requests and get it done for you.

-plugin support
-better device control (similar to the WebUI)
-Support for a TV remote control UI
-IP camera streaming
-Expandable folders to neatly store devices
-Customizable device icon sizes and icons
-Ability for admin user to edit each users dashboard without having to login to each account
-Status page showing any devices that are on etc.
-Ability to do some device configuration ie settings variables

I will keep updating my post as more things come to mind

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  • HTML panels for pulling in remote data or pasting plug-in payloads (e.g. weather, SiteSensor, etc.) with JSON formatting built-in

  • Ring doorbell integration

  • Support for virtual devices (e.g. Switchboard plug-in)

  • Speech input enabled (linked or not with home assistants like Google and Alexa)

  • Dark Mode and other theming, using turnkey CSS (e.g. downloadable skins and templates from online collections)

  • Status alert panes (alternate colors, flashing, RGB LED display options)

  • PIN security

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Direct none-cloudbased use of ezlo/Vera device controll and sensor presentation and IP-camera pictures/video-streams.

A way to control the dashboard device from Ezlo/Vera so that you can turn of the screen when in away mode and night.

Possibility to have Ezlo/Vera change to a camera full screen view for a set amount of time an then go back to previous view triggered from for example a motion sensor.

Inspirational picture from my current dashboard main view.

What I already stated over here on this thread.

Many thanks, keep up the good work !


One thing I would really like to see in a dashboard app is a local http API.

API HTTP Server within the mobile app, in Imperihome you can turn on this and we can then send HTTP commands from the Vera controller to the mobile app to do things.

This is very useful for wall mounted control tablets, for example when you press my doorbell the doorbell scene that runs in Vera also sends a HTTP command to the Imperihome app on my wall mounted tablet to bring up the outdoor camera image.

Other things if can do are make the dashboard app navigate to a particular dashboard page.

Or send a TTS (Text to speech) announcement from a scene run on Vera to the Imperihome tablet so it says something like “There is someone at the door”

More details here:

I really think the new Ezlo dashboard app needs this type of API functionality, especially if I we are going to pay for it every month.

I’d also like to see annual pricing or a big one time payment option perhaps and everything else and then some that was on my original list.

Imperihome isn’t the prettiest dashboard app, but it is certainly the most functional for Vera on Android and possibly iOS.

There is an iOS app for Vera called One Enabled, its not actively developed and is pretty basic and limited in features however it has some eye candy to the GUI.

Personally I’d like to see a nice slick dark mode GUI like some of the traditional HA systems.

Crestron Xenon



They are just graphics and button images at the end of the day, you have a good Photoshop guy? And guys who know how to layout and structure a good GUI menu system. :grinning:


To the Ezlo dev team.

Are we going to see a PC desktop design studio type application for building our dashboard pages?

Or will it be more like Imperihome where all customisation and dashboard layouts / creation is done actually within the mobile app itself?

we are building this based on nativescript. It will allow us to use the app on any platform, ios, android or web.

Yes I understand that. I just wondered if there would be a desktop design studio type application, for actually creating your dashboard layouts and widgets. And then that resulting project file, could be run on the mobile devices as the front end control app etc.

For example The Home Remote has a desktop design studio application you use that to design your remote control layout and the resulting project created can then be run as the front end control app on ios and android.

Or if it would be more like Imperihome, where there is no desktop design studio application and all the dashboard setup and configuration is done actually within the mobile app itself.

Hi @cw-kid,
We are planning to release a new Dashboard Designer as a part of today’s mobile application, which will let you customize today’s dashboard with advanced features. The standalone application builder is also on our roadmap.

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OK thanks for the heads up.

Im not really interested in tweaks being made to the current Vera mobile app as I’ve already discussed with @melih

I am however very interested in testing the brand new dashboard mobile app being built for the new Ezlo platform.

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We are not modifying the existing dashboard in the app. We have written a brand new dashboard app and putting it as a library inside existing apps.

We have plenty of zwave enabled energy consumption reading, so having widget for the whole house counting how much you consumed would good, to make it great we should have the flexibility to assign our local currency and the ability to set up the match calculation as per the consumption, then the energy widget will show the consumption + amount according to the reading.

Then you can click on the widget to view more details, for example the whole devices which have the reading, sort them as the most consumed and the less ones (by device or by room as a group of devices assigned to that room), do comparison week per week, day per day or even months with a shadow of old energy reading, can be done by graph.

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Please make sure there is a option for:
*home page 30+ devices :blush:
*page for CCTV cameras local direct stream and remote :innocent:
*short cuts for pages (if you want to jump from page 1 to page 3) :sleeping:
*to control app via scens (when doorbell triggered page changes to page “4”) :face_with_monocle:
*Widgets for quick access on your mobile phone (Arm or dis-arm alarm, Open/Close Gate, Turn all lights ON/OFF, Home status change)
*I am creating my own icons .png I would like to use them on the new app
*Page web page - with local URL /Exsternal URL Login password like on ImperiHome for displaying head lines of favourite news paper or hundredgraphs graphs
*Will be grate to have some data logs/graphs on the app there was limited functionality on IM for graphs from Netatmo Temp, Rain levels with graph

Plus Netatmo and Bosch Indego integration.

  1. Custom dashboard pages and layouts where you can add devices, scenes and sensors, reorder them in to any position you want. Change the order of the dashboard pages (numbered) left to right scrolling etc we can decide which dashboard pages are in what order. Choosing the first dashboard page that is displayed anytime the app is launched is also an option.

  2. Custom icons we need to be able to use our own icons for devices, scenes and sensors. Also different icons for device states, on / off etc.

  3. Composite devices, in Imperihome you can add multiple security sensors in to one composite device to view all of them at a glance in a popup menu. Same with lights you can add multiple lights in to one single composite device to control all of them via that one device within the app, see the video URL above and my two lounge lamps and the two RGBW strips both controlled by one composite device in Imperihome. Another example would be a composite device that can control multiple Window Coverings, so one device in the app could open / close several curtains / blinds.

  4. Harmony Hub integration as you can see in the video, Imperihome natively supports adding Harmony Activities.
    Also I used Vera ALTUI Custom pages to build remote control pages for my TV and Kodi. Would be nice if we could natively add IR device buttons from a Harmony hub in to the Vera mobile app to build up remote controls pages within your app.

  5. To be able to embed webpages in to the dashboard pages of the mobile app, for example so you can embed a web based Weather widget into a dashboard page. This is also how I got the Vera ALTUI custom remote control pages in to the Imperihome app.

  6. To be able to add widgets / buttons to the dashboard pages that do other things like send a http call command, I used these to add custom buttons for TV channel favourites or to control my AVR amps Audio modes and volume. In Imperihome you can add a button with a http command behind it, there are options for a local http command a remote http command Login and Password (optional) Method Get or Post etc. This feature is very useful to control any IP based device that supports it by sending a http / json command to it, good for when Vera doesn’t support a particular device of that type but allows your users to add buttons for it into your mobile app!

  7. Widgets on the Android desktop, to either launch the Vera mobile app directly to a certain page, or widgets to run scenes etc right from the Android desktop.

  8. Import / export of mobile app design and layout settings etc from one mobile device to another this is a must have.

  9. To be able to lock certain actions with a pin code, for example so you cannot simply turn Vera in to Home mode or run a Disarm scene without first entering a pin code.

  10. To be able to add a button on to a dashboard page that when pressed takes you to another dashboard page like a link or shortcut, this way we can create a default starting dashboard page and have icons that take you to other dashboard pages / areas of the app, for example a Lights icon takes me to a dashboard page with all my lights. A Security Sensors icon takes me to a dashboard page showing all my security sensors etc.

  11. To be able to add a button to launch another application on the mobile device, I use this to launch Spotify and Google Play music from within a dashboard page in Imperihome.

  12. Support in the Vera mobile app for 3rd party plugins, Imperihome does support some of the main 3rd party plugins for Vera, I don’t have a complete list but one example would be the Multi Switch plugin which is a virtual switch plugin for Vera, these are accessible in the Imperihome app but I believe that they are not in your own current Vera mobile app.

  13. Setting to lock down configuration actions so other family members cannot change the configuration of the app.

  14. API HTTP Server within the mobile app, in Imperihome you can turn on this and we can then send HTTP commands from the Vera controller to the mobile app to do things. This is very useful for wall mounted control tablets, for example when you press my doorbell the doorbell scene that runs in Vera also sends a HTTP command to Imperihome on my wall mounted tablet to bring up the outdoor camera image. Other things if can do are make the app navigate to a particular dashboard page. Or send a TTS (Text to speech) announcement from a scene run on Vera to the Imperihome tablet so it says something like “There is someone at the door”.

  15. Also for wall mounted tablets, options to wake up the tablet device via the camera when it detects movement in front of it, then showing the Vera mobile app etc, also an option to automatically launch the Vera mobile app after the device has been rebooted.

  16. Example widgets from the Imperihome app:

Widgets widgets and more widgets is what you need.


Lads just copy as much as possible form IM :slight_smile:

Please see ImperiHome. Same functionality en look a like would be great!!


How about buying imperihome assets? They are in bankruptcy!



Worth considering?

we already built the framework for our own dashboard…

using a different technology requires, learning…adjusting…etc…
it will be faster developing our own…hopefully in 2 weeks we should have something we can play with properly. (as alpha)
Also we chose a very capable technology that will offer IOS/Android/Web versions all in one…So we develop it once…and it will be available on all 3 platforms…This way we can speed up our development…

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