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Is there going to be a beta available? If so what time frame are we looking at?

I have several tablets that where using Imprihome and know they are useless since I can’t log into ImperiHome. Thanks

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I’ll be especially curious to hear recommendations from users who’ve deployed this (or any) Dashboard on an inexpensive tablet – preferably Android-based and easily wall-mounted. Brands and models worth looking at, and any hidden “gotchas” which might arise when attempting to integrate into a typical home LAN or WiFi.

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I tried this with a cheapy Doogee phone and inductive charging. It killed the battery.

That’s the only feedback I can offer


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I’ve been using some old Amazon Fire 7 tablets I rooted and running full Android Lollipop for Imperihome dashboards.

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I’m using 4 Amazon fire HD8 tablets running Control4 app… i don’t have any issue at the moment and they are running 1yr+, about the battery i dont have feedback because they are always powered.

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I haven’t used Imperihome (paid version) for a while, and now I can’t log in to Imperihome.
I sent them a few emails but no one answers.
On the site at Imperihome I can’t log in or create another account.
I read in the Homeseer community that they are bankrupt.
Does anyone know anything? What do I have to do?

From the discussions on here, nothing you can do. It’s gone


Try to recover your Imperihome form backup file if you have it.

Amazon Fire tablet. Linked to a Neocool cam plug and doing a 20/80 cycle in automatic. House is new, so I planned accordingly.
Ethernet cable is coming from the back of the table to the rack and it’s feeding 5v from the usb to a slim connector I got with the wall mount. Pretty slick and high on WAF.
I wrote my own dashboard with Fully Kiosk. It has mainly commands and cams, we don’t need status at the moment. Cams are automatically shown thanks to triggers on Vera and fully kiosk api.

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Makes me extra sad that I turned in my perfectly good Fire tablet when upgrading to the latest model. Amazon wound up crediting me only $5 measly dollars for it, despite touting a $30 promo! That’s life.

Thanks for the recs. “Fire” got the nod on several other forums, too.

A look at a new “competitor” Hub and GUI.

Itec Home I believe are a new UK based company.

Not sure if I like their GUI or not, but worth a look. It has some nice aspects to it.



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Agree with everyone that is pointing out all the dashboard features of ImperiHome as desirable.

I have to add that day to day, on my phone, I lived in List Mode on imperihome. One room per screen; scroll left or right to thumb through the rooms. All of the devices from the room listed in categories (cameras, sensors, actuators, scenes). Ability to hide entire rooms (groups) or individual devices/scenes when not needed.

Note: all of these screenshots say “N/A” for data because imperihome is no longer able to login to Vera’s site as of a few days ago.

Note 2, I just installed ezlo dashboard early access from and it is saying “no ezlo controllers detected” - does this thing work with Vera controllers?

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That app is not being worked on or updated to my knowledge and no it doesn’t work with Vera firmware hubs.

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