Credentials being refused

Yesterday my iPhonelocator instances started refusing credentials, so that plugin isn’t working for me now. Anybody else seeing this? I’m wondering if Apple did something on their backend.

I verified my password, and it works everywhere else.

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@amg0, any idea what’s going on?

I restored my config to Sunday’s config, in case there was something wrong in Vera iteself. I’m seeing “No Devices for this account, check network/credentials” on all of my instances. This is going to kill a lot of my automation.

Same for me. I have two child devices from this plug-in, logging into two separate iCloud accounts for two different iPhones and both are reporting:-
iCloud refused access, Check credentials ? <0x7341f520>
apple device map is empty <0x7341f520>
This only started happening yesterday. Anyone else seeing this?

I’m wondering if there is an expired certificate within the plugin. I remember seeing something about that a couple of years ago. @amg0 needed to post an updated plugin if I recall.

Away from home for several month. Won’t be able to look at this in detail but I seem to have similar issues with mines

Assuming you r sure about your credentials and password does not include special chars like quote, i fear Apple changed something in the API ( which has all ways been undocumented btw) and it maybe not fixable at all. Best guess is to enable debug mode and track http calls in the debug log and the respective responses to see where it breaks

Sorry for not helping more

Can confirm; my usernames and passwords do not use special chars. I have two iPhones setup; one is still working for now; the other quit working yesterday afternoon. No changes have been made to Vera, the plugin or my iPhone/iCloud accounts for months. The credentials still work correctly to login to my iCloud account via web browser and on my iPhone’s account settings panel.

I have debug turned on in the plugin, but I don’t see output that would help me diagnose the problem. I don’t see any “http calls”, only the results; they show a failure result code (1) and the HTTP error (401 ‘Not Authorized’)… but I don’t know what http request was made to obtain the result, and none of the logged data from the result helps me understand why it was ‘Not Authorized’.

I realize you’re not in an ideal position to help amg0, but we could sure use your expertise. Where and how (with what tools) might a person start looking to figure out what’s going wrong and potentially address the problem?

I suggest you remove the logs from the forum and send it to me via private mail I ll give a look

Also to be sure try to go in plug-in settings and re enter credentials from the beginning

I’m in debug mode, but I don’t see where I can get the debug logs.

Edit: Found them. Sending you the logs via PM.

Hi All.

I ported some of amg0’s plugin code over to the HC3 controller and it too was working fine until this week.

I’m seeing similar issues with the iCloud API, so I think Apple has made some changes. This isn’t a problem specifically with amg0’s plugin or your setup/config.

I’m hoping that he can reverse engineer whatever Apple has done.


Confirming with BlueSmurf,
It is likely on the Apple / iCloud side. An Android app I use, xFi Locator Pro also started suffering from the same issue.

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FWIW: my iPhoneLocators started working again this evening. No changes made here, so it seems likely that either Apple reverted their API, or amg0 hacked my Vera and uploaded a fixed Lua device script :grin:

Yep, also started working here.

Thank gawd for that. I was part the way through doing man in the middle proxying of my iPad to figure out what was going on. What iPads do now for FindMy is way more complex than the code we use in the plugins.

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Here we go again… :roll_eyes:

" IPhoneLocator : iCloud refused access, Check credentials ?"

Credentials haven’t changed, but getAppleDeviceMap call is followed by the above error for both of our iCloud accounts; it seems to have started sometime yesterday evening :unamused:

Looks like Apple is messing around with the API again…?

Yes, same here! I can confirm its failed again, with same symptoms :frowning: I’ve made no changes at this end.

Yeah, history is repeating itself.

Pray to the turtleneck gods that Apple fixes it soon. I really don’t want to have to try and reverse engineer the new API. :confused:

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@amg0 are you still “away from home for several months”? Is there any possibility you’ll be able to take a look at the issue in the near future?

it fails for me also, on all accounts.
it is got to be something that apple changed in the API (but it was all undocumented anyway). so for now, I do not foresee an easy fix unfortunately. I could very well be the end of life for this plugin unless somebody has an idea or is able to reverse engineer what the IOS devices themselves are doing when they use the Locate app.

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I think they restricted anything not using 2FA. Something else I have that was talking to iCloud just had the exact same issue. (not location related)

Did you managed to solve this? :frowning:

No solution forthcoming as far as I know :frowning: