Color changing bulbs?

Does Ezlo support any color changing lights? (I’m not seeing any in the store, or in the Vera app).


Most Z-Wave and Zigbee colour changing lights should work and be supported.

Did you have any particular lights in mind ?

I’m open to any light. I don’t see any supported in the Vera app. Can you recommend one that you know is supported? Thanks,

What are you wanting? A RGBW light bulb ? or an LED strip etc ?

I use Fibaro RGBW modules for my LED strips. I have a few Z-Wave and Zigbee RGBW smart bulbs also and I also have Philips Hue lights.

The Philips Hue lights are not directly paired to the Vera or Ezlo hub however but controlled via a plugin instead.

Ideally an LED strip that is directly supported by the Ezlo hub without any need for plugins, or other hubs.

The Fibaro RGBW modules sound interesting. I assume I need to provide lights for them? Can you control them via the Ezlo API? (Ultimately I’m using my own app to manage all my devices, while using the Ezlo hub).


Yes you have to provide your own RGBW LED strip and power supply unit.

Any device that is paired with the Ezlo hub should be controllable via their HTTP Server API and HTTP commands etc.

Can’t remember if I tried before controlling Light colours via their API however.

Aeotec did a Z-Wave light strip kit. Not available on Amazon US it seems here.

Not sure where you buy it from, which country you in ?

Their user guide for that product is here

There are several RGBW Z-Wave controllers on this UK page. I’ve never used any of them however.

Thanks, the trick will be finding the ones that work with the Ezlo hub. (I’m in the US).

Hi @robotman ,

we have a website
you can visit there and get information about compatible devices for Ezlo controllers.
We even have search on the page so you can write “bulb” and see which bulbs you can pair and use with Ezlo controllers.
we also have a youtube channel Ezlo Innovation - YouTube
thee you also can use search and find how-to videos on pairing lights like;
*How to pair a Smart Led RGB Multicolor E21-N1EA with Ezlo Hubs? - YouTube
*How to pair your Jasco LED Bulb 39723 | Z-Wave Smart LED Light Bulb - YouTube
*How to pair Aeotec Led Bulb Gen 6 Multi-White ZWA001 with Ezlo Hubs? - YouTube

Thank you. Pairing is not a problem (I’ve paired hundreds of devices with my hub). What I’m trying to find out is what LED color changing bulbs and/or strips are supported natively by the Ezlo hub. Which also suggests I can control them via the API (which is my ultimate goal).

I searched for RGB ( no results).
I searched for Color (and got " Ezlo PlugHub v2") which is odd as color is not mentioned anywhere on the page.

Thank you

I did the same search and can see results. Are you sure you are visiting Device Compatibility for Ezlo Hubs - Ezlo

That’s fantastic, thank you for the list. Do you have the URL where you searched? Clearly I was searching in the wrong place.

Thanks! That’s exactly what I was looking for.

In case others are looking, I did a check on what seems to be available to purchase (based on that list).

LED Strips:

Aeotec LED Strip not available
Oomi Color Strip not available
GIDERWEL USB Strip Light RGBWW is available (Amazon)
Sengled Smart Led Strip Lights 16.4ft is available (Amazon)
Philips Hue Play Gradient LightStrip is available (Amazon)

A19 Bulbs:
innr Smart Bulb Color A19 is available (Amazon)
Sylvania Color and Dimmable A19 LED Bulb is available (Amazon)

Just found an old thread where I was trying to control the colour of an RGB bulb paired to the Ezlo controller via their HTTP Server API.

It looks like I got it working but only by using POST rather than a more simple GET command.

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Excellent, thank you. I’m using Websockets so I think this will work fine. (I’ve ordered some bulbs to test with).

Yeah Patrick used the web sockets API for Multi System Reactor integration with Ezlo hubs. I can control colours via MSR.

Web sockets above my pay grade though ha.

On a related note, I am attempting to use the API tool (Ezlo API Tool) to send test colors to a bulb.

I’m using the command “hub.item.value.set”.

I assume I send a JSON string (value field) such as ‘{“red”:183, “green”:100, “blue”:234, “cwhite”:0, “wwhite”:0}’ to set the RGB colors.

However, no matter how I format the JSON string, I keep receiving an error: “Unexpected Json format for value type ‘rgb’: …”:

How do I sent a correctly formatted string using the API tool?

‘{“red”:183, “green”:100, “blue”:234, “cwhite”:0, “wwhite”:0}’ does not work
{“red”:183, “green”:100, “blue”:234, “cwhite”:0, “wwhite”:0} nor does this
“{"red":183, "green":100, "blue":234, "cwhite":0, "wwhite":0}” nor does this
Escaping the quotes does not seem to work either.

(Also, what are the cwhite, and wwhite fields?)


Check the documentation on

hub.item.value.set is documented at API - Ezlo API Documentation

the RGB json documentation is mentioned here: Value Types - Ezlo API Documentation

You’ll have to combine the set, so you’ll probably end up with something like this:

        "method": "hub.item.value.set",
        "id": "<request_id>",
        "params": {
                "<uid of bulb>": {
                    "value": {