Can't delete a plugin

This worked on Friday. Maybe a problem with 1.19.1?

Steps to reproduce:
Log in; navigate to Edge Plugins. Select a plugin with no installs. Press trashcan.

Observe page content goes blank. Address bar shows MiOS Smart Home
Console includes:
Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at[redacted –Lee]. (Reason: CORS request did not succeed). Status code: (null)
[bugsnag] Event not sent due to onError callback [many times –Lee]
TypeError: Object(…)(…)[0].some is not a function :209:194

Ctrl-Shift-R returns to main console page. Return to Edge Plugins. Observe no Plugin deleted.

Clearing cache; clearing cookies, and stored objects for ezlo, mios, and getvera didn’t help.

I have 4 private plugins on my account. I don’t seem to be able to delete any of them. Two are in active development. I’m iterating trying to get deployment working by iterating: uninstall, delete, upload, install.
I’ve discovered I can install two plugins with the same name and version. For now my workaround appears to be incrementing the version number.

Hello @Lee

We have replicated the issue, and we’ll escalate it, it seems there’s a missing file or a function not being called properly.

I have the same problem when trying to delete a plugin I just get a white blank web page.

I have the same problem when I try to uninstall it directs me to a blank web page, and when I connect through SCP the plugin does not appear installed in the folder where it should be, this as number one, as number two, previously it was possible to install two plugins with the same files independently, at this time of installing one automatically installs the other.

@Leonardo_Soto thanks for your quick acknowledgement of this problem. I look forward to notice of its resolution.

When I disable the plugin and remove it and after clicking update, I see again there plugins How to remove plugins and never see them anymore?

Hi @jessica.bullet , to complete remove a plugin you can log on the your Ezlo and remove the plugin files and folders from /home/data/custom_plugins.

Cheers Rene

@reneboer In my experience that does not suffice: one also needs to unregister the plugin with a command like:

/opt/firmware/bin/ha-infocmd hub.extensions.custom_plugin.unregister author_id.plugin_name

And, when it comes to plugins installed via the UI, I haven’t tested this to see if it’s enough. At a minimum a diagnostic reload might be required.

Hi, @Lee
Delete plugin issue should be fixed since 1.20.1.

Thanks for the update! There are additional issues; but deletion is now possible.

== Deletion incorrectly undeploys plugins.

I had about a dozen plugins uploaded with the same name but different version numbers. Naturally, the newest version was installed. While deleting old versions, after pressing delete, I got this message every single time:

You have 2 active installations. If you continue , all devices from all controllers will be uninstalled. Do you want to continue ?

I checked one controller, and indeed, the latest version was uninstalled when I deleted the oldest version. This really isn’t what we want!

== Version Update Requires Hard Reload
After being forced to relogin, the web application version still showed as 1.19.1 with no indication a new version was available. After a hard reload (ctrl-shift-R) the version displayed as 1.20.1. Best would be that the hard reload wasn’t necessary and the update just updated. Minimum would be a notification and button to update.

This is good progress. Please keep it up!

@maksympc I’ve had an aspect of this problem resurface under 1.26.1 if not earlier. Attempting to delete a version of a plugin under development gives me the warning that it will be removed from all 4 installed devices. I’m up to 10 versions of the plugin now. 8 of them are used by nobody, but I can’t delete them! All have the same file name and plugin name; just different version numbers.

I’d expect to be able to delete a version that isn’t installed anywhere without triggering uninstall of all versions of the plugin.