Can I Force A Device to Periodically, Automatically Configure?

I’m currently using an Evolve LCD-1 tabletop controller and, generally, it’s working fine. However, every few weeks, the device seems to get out of whack and buttons stop working, scenes won’t fire, or they fire & do weird things (like my scene to raise the bedroom lamp to half will raise it to full, etc.). The problem immediately rectifies if I go into Vera and click the “Configure Device” button in the Advanced Options tab for that device.

So, does anyone now if there a way to have Vera configure a device automatically at some regular interval? Ideally I could just have Vera configure the controller once/week, and I wouldn’t have to worry about the thing failing on me randomly.

I realize the real problem is the device losing its configuration. But my hopes of solving that problem are low, given that this Evolve controller is so new and not officially supported [yet].

Thanks in advance for any feedback.