Bringing over Insteon to Vera

I am going to bring over my entire insteon environment into Control4, and was told to first bring it to Vera. Once all the insteon devices are linked to Vera, they believe it should be a pretty seamless transition to have Control4 send commands to Vera which controls the insteon devices.

I have been using ISY to control my insteon devices (about 30 switches, and 30 keypads). I know the advice is to just buy all new switch/keypads, but that would most likely cost $5K or more for parts alone.

I set up a VeraPlus hub and installed the Insteon USB PLM ( 2413S). I was able to install the PLM through the vera interface. I installed one of my switches by holding down the Set button on the light switch. I can see the Switch under my devices, but it seems to have trouble connecting. It says “unable to get any information on the node”. If I hit the off / on through vera, nothing happens.

Does anyone have any experience with adding insteon to Hub?

My understanding is that the 2413U interface works with USB, while the one you mention (2413S) is intended for serial connections (DB9).

I’ve long since disconnected my Insteon PLM from Vera, although it definitely DID WORK back in the day. However, I think you’d be hard pressed to find any other users still here – most of the oldest, most dedicated Vera pros were unceremoniously booted out of the Forum in February – and I’d be even more shocked if ezlo staff could provide guidance.

@Sorin, is the company on holiday right now? Noticing so little “official” activity lately.

Thank you. I meant I had used the 2413U. Yes, it looks like Vera and insteon split ways a while back. I was finally able to add in the dimmer / light switch. When i hit on in Vera, the light will turn on, but if I hit the actual light switch, then Vera won’t recognize that action.

Also, when I added a Keypadlinc, it just recognizes the load button, but the other 5 or 7 buttons on it. It looks like this was a known issue and people went through altsteon which also appears to be an unused technology. The files people had used/ posted are not included in the posts.

I know this question sounds trivial, but is Vera failing to recognize local control of the switch both from ON-to-OFF and from OFF-to-ON states?

Also, I don’t believe you mentioned the model of Insteon light switch you’re using?

No problem. Yes Vera fails to recognize when the local switch goes from off to on or on to off.

When I’m in the Vera app, I hit the on or off, and my local switch recognizes the action. But when I’m using the local switch, Vera will not recognize the button switch and Vera could have the wrong state.

The good thing is that Vera is absolute meaning if I have the local switch to be On and Vera is showing it as Off. I then hit Vera to be On, it won’t toggle the local switch Off. The light will remain on. It works the same way for Off, so that is good.

I’m using several different switches, I believe that these are them : 2477s, 2477d, 2487S, 2334-222

Sorry for my late response, and that it’s only to say, “Hmm, I dunno what’s going on here.” Sad, too, because there’s only a handful of us who ever used that system but the majority have departed the Forum (forcefully or otherwise), and I can’t publish a link or IM you the website where they currently congregate. It’s against the rules.

So instead I’ll point you to a mention of it by the person who “makes the rules”: Clarification of forum contributors being banned